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4 Ways to Promote Your Amazon Listings

4 Ways to Promote Your Amazon Listings

Amazon is by far the biggest shopping channel right now. I mean, we spent a whopping £23.6 billion on the site in the UK alone in 2021. This comes as no surprise as we all turned to online shopping for comfort during the pandemic. While this is great news for Amazon sellers, this also means that competition among retailers is fiercer than ever. 

1. Amazon Advertising

This is undoubtedly the quickest and most accessible way to get your listings shown to the right people during key shopping moments. With Amazon advertising, we can exhibit your product in the most prominent positions on the search results for keywords that are relevant to you and your product.

This puts your brand and products front and centre, right at the top of other listings for the highly coveted keywords you want to show against.

You will see immediate benefits on your traffic volume and overall sales just by taking more space on searches. This also helps you gain the momentum to increase your sales velocity to achieve those sought-after Amazon badges and increase your ranking on organic results.

2. Amazon Attribution

If you feel like you have exhausted your options in Amazon Advertising and want to further expand your customer base, then Amazon Attribution is the solution for you. 

Amazon Attribution is advertising your Amazon listings on other popular media channels such as Facebook, TikTok and Google. It taps into the audience and behavioural data from those platforms to reach more people and get more sales. 

Amazon Attribution allows you to track sales from external campaigns so you know exactly where shoppers came from and what journey they took to get to your product. It provides you with key sales metrics like Add to Cart, Detail Page Views, Purchases, and Product Sales.

3. Influencer marketing

There are two ways to go about working with an influencer that perfectly fits your brand:

  1. If they are an influencer under the Amazon Influencer Program, kindly ask them to recommend your product on their store page
  2. Ask influencers to promote your products on social media such as, you guessed it, TikTok. Also known as the home of #tiktokmademebuyit

The Amazon Influencer Program has been around since 2017 as an extension of the Amazon Affiliates or Associates Program. It didn’t make noise until recently when influencers started making their own store pages and streaming live content on Amazon. 

Working with an Amazon influencer gives your brand a touch of relatability knowing that a real person actually represents you. If you choose the right partner, you’ll have an ambassador that could engage with an audience that is potentially interested in your product. 

There is no clear way to find a list of influencer stores. In the US, you can start by exploring the #FoundItOnAmazon page. This is only available in selected marketplaces but the influencer you work with could probably be found on other social media platforms.

4. TikTok and #AmazonFinds

If there is one channel you should not underestimate, it is TikTok. 

Though TikTok is, perhaps, not an immediately obvious channel with which to build awareness of your Amazon store, its influence over shopping habits is considerable.

Some quick stats, did you know that #amazon has over 26.7 billion views on Tiktok? #amazonfinds on the other hand has reached over 18.6 billion views.

That kind of audience reach is unparalleled. That’s why TikTok beat Google as the most visited website in 2021. In fact, a survey from Adweek found that, “49% of TikTok users said they have purchased a product or service from a brand after seeing it advertised, promoted, or reviewed on the platform.”

This, combined with Paid Social & Amazon Attribution, will surely put your brand in front of shoppers of this generation. All while using the data to learn what works and what doesn’t to keep them affiliated with your brand.

Final Thoughts

These are three solid ways to promote your listings. Amazon Advertising is the fastest way to get started and what I would recommend to start with. 

Once you have established your presence on Amazon and need to scale, then the other two tactics will take your brand and your product listings to a whole other level. 

Have we piqued your curiosity? Get in touch about promoting your Amazon listings and arrange a call with one of our Amazon experts.

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