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5 Ways an Amazon Brand Store Can Improve Your Amazon Success

5 Ways an Amazon Brand Store Can Improve Your Amazon Success

Selling on Amazon can be a complex and challenging environment for retailers. It’s competitive, time-consuming and always changing. However, there are easy ways to maximise your success on the platform and Amazon brand stores are a key product to take advantage of if you’re looking to boost your sales.


What is an Amazon brand store?

A brand store on Amazon is a page dedicated to your brand with products, videos, images and more. They are easily customisable, with simple drag-and-drop functionality, for a flexible multi-page store with no need for development knowledge.

Here is a brand store we created for one of our clients, Lakeland Leather, selling online as the UK’s largest independent leather retailer.


Lakeland Leather Amazon Brand Store


Stores are free but only available for sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry, or vendors. You don’t need to invest in paid Amazon advertising to gain access to a store, however this is always something we recommend to really maximise your Amazon success.

What are the benefits of an Amazon brand store?


#1 – Gain control over your brand story

The first major benefit of an Amazon Brand Store is the opportunity to showcase your brand on a platform that has been traditionally known for their intense product focus. With videos, imagery, copy and other drag-and-drop blocks, you have a lot of control over your brand store and can present all of your key brand messages easily and effectively.

A key argument for whether retailers should focus their efforts on their own ecommerce store, or explore marketplaces, is creative control. This creativity, that has traditionally been unavailable on the Amazon platform, can empower your marketing team to continue to sell on the marketplace whilst retaining control over your brand image.


#2 – Educate your customers

Brand stores can showcase your full range of products, which is powerful for browsing shoppers. You choose how to structure the store, and can easily feature certain products or promotions that your customers might not yet know about.

A brand store also presents an opportunity to further educate your customers on the features and benefits of your products. You can display a variety of videos, images and infographics to show exactly why they should be buying from you.


#3 – Launch New Products

One of the biggest challenges when launching new products in Amazon is visibility. If you have a brand store, you can make your newest products the focal point of key pages to drive as much awareness of them as possible.


#4 – Create a marketing hub for your Amazon store

All Amazon brand stores come with an ‘amazon.co.uk/yourstore’ URL that you can use to direct your shoppers to your store. You can use this to drive shoppers through ads, social, email and more through an easy to remember URL.

This gives you greater flexibility when it comes to promoting your Amazon store, allowing you to take full advantage of all of your typical marketing channels to drive traffic and generate more sales.


#5 – Gain insights to optimise your paid advertising

With a brand store, you gain access to analytics on your sales, traffic sources and more. Using these insights, you can review trends and understand your customer behaviour on the Amazon marketplace.

You can use this to inform your paid advertising but you can also take this insight into your marketing as a whole. This may even help improve your own ecommerce store’s success by informing successful product ranges and profitable marketing strategies.


Maximising success on Amazon

Amazon is a fast-growing marketplace for retailers, especially as they implement new features for sellers and vendors, such as brand stores and paid advertising. If you need any support with maximising success on Amazon, get in touch with our award-winning Amazon team.

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