Fluid Commerce Awarded Preferred Facebook Marketing Partner Status

Fluid Commerce Awarded Preferred Facebook Marketing Partner Status

Following an in-depth vetting of our social media strategies, campaigns and tools, Fluid Commerce has become a Preferred Facebook Marketing Partner.

What does this mean?

Facebook: “The Facebook Marketing Partner badge is only awarded to companies who meet the highest standards of performance and service. If you’ve got a badge, it tells everyone you’re among the best at what you do.”

A Facebook Marketing Partner (FMPs) is a group of tech companies and agencies that have been personally vetted by Facebook. They are also certified for their excellence in helping advertisers get the most from their campaigns and activity.

However not all FMPs were created equal. Once Facebook created their tiered partnership it gave certain agencies the opportunity to stand out as leaders in the field. An agency must continuously meet Facebook’s requirements in three main fields: certification, ad spend, and top performance in order for them to qualify as a Preferred Partner.

The higher preferred tier is offered additional one-to-one technical support, creative consultation, and training resources like events.

What are the benefits for Fluid Commerce and our clients?

1. Facebook Marketing Partners are Certified Facebook Experts

Facebook qualifies Preferred Partners as specialists known for excellent service and technical skill. This means a preferred partnership is not easily acquired.

Facebook spends a lot of time auditing and reviewing FMPs so that they can stand out as a trusted partner. Factors taken into consideration includes elements such as historical data based on performance, overall account credibility and, of course, ad spend.

2. Early Access to Beta’s and New Technology Released from Facebook

Facebook is constantly releasing new products and features to enhance advertising experience. With a Preferred Partner, you will have access to the latest new features that majority of users will not have access to.

This also means that a Preferred Partner has the ability to navigate advanced features, which is key to unlocking the latest available innovations. Looking to stand out in your market? This is one sure-fire way to do so.

3. Exclusive Access to Tools and Resource

Exclusive access to advanced analytics tools, recommendations and reports means a deeper understanding of activity and opportunity to improve performance. Additionally, having direct insight from the platform on the latest trends for creative, audiences and optimisations is a huge bonus for any brand.

4. Stay Ahead of the Game

With exclusive access to Facebook’s road map, you will get – and stay – ahead of the game. Knowing what’s coming next gives brands an advantage in planning and freeing potential ad budget along the way in order to make the most of new opportunities.

Being able to take advantage of new opportunities can give you the edge over the competition, and help you connect with your audience in new ways.

Get the most out of your Facebook advertising activity with a partner that is trusted and qualified for excellence. Get in touch today.

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