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How Lakeland Leather Saw 79% Growth in Revenue with Amazon

How Lakeland Leather Saw 79% Growth in Revenue with Amazon

Lakeland Leather is the UK’s largest independent leather retailer, selling through their 15 stores around the UK, their Magento ecommerce site and of course, selling on Amazon. In 2018 they engaged us to grow their business on Amazon ambitiously, and have seen an impressive 79% growth in revenue YoY since, as well as a 138% growth in revenue from Amazon Advertising.

Targeting ambitious growth, we focused on increasing the visibility of their products through the optimisation of their content and full utilisation of Amazon Advertising in order to reach new customers and build awareness of their brand on the platform.


#1 – Amazon Content

Relevant, high traffic keywords were identified and included in the titles, bullet points, descriptions and backend keywords for each product in order to increase visibility.

We analysed product reviews, Q&As and their own website content to identify the customer’s wants and needs so they could be highlighted in the bullet points and descriptions in order to improve the user experience on product detail pages.

We also rewrote titles, where required, to more prominently feature the Lakeland Leather brand and better convey the nature of the products to encourage higher click-through-rates in the competitive search result pages.

  • 61% increase in organic traffic
  • 35% increase in organic revenue


#2 – Amazon Advertising

For their catalogue we initially created over 300 campaigns. This was a combination of Automatic, Keyword, Category and ASIN targeting across both Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand Ads with a focus on non-brand targets to reach new customers and win market share from competitors.

Over time, the automatic and generic keyword campaigns were used to identify the highest quality search terms. Once identified, these keywords were used on exact match with aggressive bidding throughout as highly effective revenue drivers.

The flexibility of the product targeting allowed us to use a ‘slingshot’ tactic. Products that were recently launched were targeted to the retailer’s own top products to rapidly increase visibility and traffic volume. This had the added benefit of occupying ad placements that could have otherwise been taken by competitors.

Sponsored Brands were used to target broader generic keywords in order to increase visibility on high traffic terms at a lower cost, as well as increase brand awareness. Additionally, they were used to target competitor keywords to win market share and serve highly relevant ads to users already interested in a similar product.

  • 138% increase in revenue from Amazon Advertising
  • 10% increase in return on ad spend
  • 91% increase in paid traffic


#3 – Amazon Brand Store

We created an Amazon Brand Store to convey their brand image, fully showcase their range of products and gain control over how they’re displayed.

Lakeland Leather Amazon Brand Store

The category and sub-category pages were also utilised as landing pages for Sponsored Brand Ads.


Achieving Ecommerce Success with Amazon

Amazon is the world’s biggest ecommerce marketplace and Lakeland Leather have seen incredible success as one of the brand’s utilising the platform to its full potential. The campaign delivered exceptional revenue growth and return on ad spend, even with a reduced ad spend than originally planned. Lakeland Leather exceeded their revenue growth and saw exceptional year-on-year success.

    • 79% increase in total revenue
    • 97% increase in total traffic

Lakeland Leather are one of our flagship Amazon Advertising clients and we’re delighted to share the results from the campaigns – delivering exceptional growth in a highly competitive vertical. Read about the Amazon marketing project for more insight or if you’re interested in how we can help you with your Amazon strategy, get in touch with our team.

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