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What You Need to Know About Amazon A+ Content

What You Need to Know About Amazon A+ Content

In 2022, the number of active Amazon sellers skyrocketed to 1.9 million, a number that has been consistently growing for over a decade. With competition becoming fiercer than ever, sellers need to use every trick in the book to stand out from the crowd.

That’s where A+ Content (previously known as Enhanced Brand Content) comes in. In this blog post, we will explore what Amazon A+ Content is, how it can benefit your brand, and best practices for creating effective A+ content.

What is Amazon A+ Content?

A+ Content is a free tool available to all brand-registered sellers. It enables you to replace your product description with media-rich content, enhancing the user experience.

This content can include images, comparison charts and brand-themed graphics enabling you to highlight the unique selling points of your products, differentiate your products from competitors, provide customers with more information, and ultimately increase sales.

Why use A+ Content?

  • It’s free! – Everyone loves a freebie and with a global ecommerce giant like Amazon, any way to make your product more eye-catching to customers can only be a good thing
  • Improved customer experience – Offering a more engaging and informative shopping experience results in increased customer satisfaction. Ensuring that the customer is well informed prior to purchase will also help reduce any negative reviews
  • Product distinction – Showcase unique product features and benefits in a more visually appealing and informative manner
  • Increased conversions – A+ Content can help customers make informed decisions by providing detailed product information and visuals. This leads to between 3% and 10% higher conversion rates
  • Enhanced product discoverability – A knock-on effect of improved conversion rate, improved organic ranking and discoverability is a key asset to being successful on Amazon

Top Tips When Creating Your A+ Content.

  • Know your product – Use A+ content to address common pain points and purchase barriers. This will enable customers to confidently make a purchase, and reduce your overall return rate.
  • Use high-quality assets – Ensure all images or graphics used are high quality crisp and attention-grabbing. Given the crowded marketplace, with multiple product promotions and advertisements, it is crucial to create A+ Content that will stand out from the rest.
  • Keep it fresh – Update your content regularly to ensure the product details don’t become outdated. Having seasonal or holiday-themed content may also be more compelling.
  • Make it relatable – Make the most of any high-quality, user-generated content you may have to get on a personal level with customers. Displaying your products in real-world situations showing a variety of possible uses/situations will help the customer visualise the product in their own lives.
  • Follow Amazon’s guidelines – Get your content implemented as soon as possible and avoid delays in the approval process by following Amazon’s A+ content guidelines. This includes substantiating claims, avoiding buzz words and not including any guarantee or warranty info.

How Do You Know If It’s Effective?

By utilising A+ content, our clients have seen an impressive +127% increase in ordered product sales month on month. This is despite product page views only increasing by an insignificant 0.83% over the same period.

This suggests that while the same number of people saw the product detail page, more felt confident in making a purchase after the A+ content was live. This is a good indication that the product detail page was more enticing.

Don’t forget to test

To ensure that your A+ content is resonating with your target audience and driving conversions, it’s important to conduct thorough testing and analysis.

One effective method of doing so is by performing A/B testing, where you create and trial multiple versions of your content with variations in images, text, and layouts, and measure the differences in conversion rates and copy effectiveness.

Take Your A+ Content to the Next Level

A+ Content is an unparalleled opportunity to:

  • Sprinkle some of your brand’s identity into your Amazon product detail pages
  • Address commonly asked questions
  • Really highlight your unique selling points in a visually rich and informative way
  • Helping sellers stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract more customers A+ content is an essential marketing tool for sellers looking to increase conversions and improve customer satisfaction.

If you need assistance with your Amazon A+ Content, get in touch with our Marketing for Amazon team here.

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