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10 Ways to Eliminate Shopping Cart Abandonment

10 Ways to Eliminate Shopping Cart Abandonment

Similar to window shopping, many customers online like to browse a variety of websites before deciding where to make a purchase. On the look-out for the best deal, with the cheapest delivery rates and return fees – online customers are becoming increasingly savvy with where they choose to buy. This often leads to placing products in shopping carts without actually checking out, otherwise known as shopping cart abandonment.

The good news is, there is a way to retain these possible customers and turn them into definite buyers using our 10 top tips below.

1. Make your shipping prices very clear

More often than not, customers who choose to abandon their shopping carts have only got this far to check shipping rates. You can easily eliminate this problem by clearly displaying your shipping and delivery prices at an earlier stage in the customer journey. That way, they can get an estimate of total cost before placing items in the basket.

2. Provide a range of payment options

Not everyone wants to pay by credit card. Most customers will be looking for a variety of payment options before they choose to purchase. Rather than getting them to the shopping cart stage before they can see payment options, display them in alternative sections of your site such as the footer.

3. Make the most of ‘Save for later’ and ‘Add to wish list’ options

If you find that your customers get as far as clicking the ‘Save for later’ or ‘Add to wish list’ options – get optimising. Remind customers a week later about the products they saved and give them the option to send out their wish list to friends and family. Information gained at this stage can be hugely beneficial to promote your brand and convert potential customers.

4. Save registration for later

We’ve all been here before, you’ve found your product, you’re ready to purchase then suddenly you’re forced to register. It’s extremely off-putting for online consumers and is one of the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment. To avoid this on your site, save the registration form for after the purchase. A customer who has a pleasant journey through to purchase is much more likely to fill out the form.

5. Keep the checkout process simple

Similar to the above point, consumers today appreciate the swiftness and ease of shopping online. So don’t over-complicate the final step in making a sale. Keeping your checkout process simple is more likely to keep customers interested right the way through. Keep pages, forms and buttons to a minimum and you’ll be sure to see a lot less shopping cart abandonment.

 6. Provide product price comparisons

One key reason for shopping cart abandonment is because customers are looking to comparison shop online. They often want to know which brand sells at the cheapest price before they commit to buying. In order to eliminate this problem on your site and reduce the chance of shopping cart abandonment, offer product price comparisons from a range of brands and retailers, so customers know they’re getting the best deal.

7. Promote latest offers and discounts

Sometimes all you need is a little extra push to get your customers to make a purchase. By promoting your latest offers and discounts on the shopping cart page, you can give your customers more incentive to buy. All while decreasing the likelihood of shopping cart abandonment.

8. Build the trust of your customers

Often shopping cart abandonment occurs because customers feel they can’t trust a website. To stay secure, online shoppers are extra cautious of sites that don’t display the correct security logos and contact information. Make sure your e-commerce website clearly shows security and contact information to earn the trust of customers and decrease shopping cart abandonment.

9. Show-off your positive reviews and testimonials

Those positive reviews and testimonials about your business will go a long way if you show them off. Display them on the shopping cart page to show customers how great your e-commerce brand is and give them no reason to opt for shopping cart abandonment. Customers will also trust you more after seeing reading about other customer experiences.

10.  Make returns simple and inexpensive

With online shopping, returning items isn’t always a simple process. Unlike dropping into the store and returning a product, you need to clearly highlight the process for online returns and how much it will cost. A simple method that doesn’t cost a fortune is more likely to convert your shoppers into buyers and reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment.

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