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3 Cracking Ways to Boost E-Commerce Sales this Christmas

3 Cracking Ways to Boost E-Commerce Sales this Christmas

Tis’ the season to be jolly… Well, almost anyway. And as the holiday season quickly approaches, online retailers everywhere will desperately searching for the best possible way to stand out from the crowd and boost sales.

If you have your own e-commerce store, there are plenty of ways to get the word out about your products and services, and make sure you’re reaching your target audience. Keep reading this blog to find 3 cracking ways to boost e-commerce sales this Christmas.

1. Get social

There’s no denying that social commerce is on the rise. With social networks Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google all set to roll out applications that allow retailers to sell products on their platforms – the relationship between e-commerce and social networking is about to change. And we think for the better. For retailers, this means integrating social into their everyday marketing strategies is now increasingly important.

Christmas is the perfect time to leverage on this opportunity to increase your e-commerce sales. Firstly, use data and analytics to better understand better understand your customer and social networks they use the most, this is where you’ll focus your engagement. By gaining a better insight into your customers like, dislikes and context you can also customise campaigns to suit them. The content you product to engage your customers needs to be responsive and interactive, in order to be suitable for social channels. Find new, innovative and engaging ways to attract your audience to learn more about the products you have to offer.

2. Be honest and compliant

Maybe not the usual tip you’ll hear to boost your sales, but making sure your e-commerce store is fully in line with rules and regulations for selling is very important. You can plan and deliver the prettiest and most engaging marketing campaign, but if the underlying nitty gritty details aren’t compliant, you can kiss your customers goodbye. So what exactly is involved with making sure your e-commerce store is following the rules?

Firstly, be clear from the start about shipping, tax and any additional rates that might be included with the purchase. Customers deserve to know exactly how much they’re expected to pay upfront and how much discount they might be eligible to. This helps to build a loyal and trusting customer base. People care about their security, especially when shopping online, so make sure your store is PCI compliant in every way possible, to give your customers peace of mind whilst shopping.

3. Mobile commerce – still the favourite!

According to a recent IMRG report, visits to e-commerce sites via mobile and tablet devices accounted for 45% of all e-commerce traffic in the UK. Mobile is definitely the winning platform for consumers and is only continuing to increase in popularity. With this in mind, it’s essential that your e-commerce store is optimised not only for desktop, but mobile and tablet devices too.

The modern consumer expects a seamless shopping experience across all devices and it’s your responsibility to deliver that. In doing so, you need to ensure your site provides easy and secure payment options, fully optimised mobile web experiences which includes faster load times and user-friendly functions and finally hybrid shopping to accurately reflect integration between all shopping channels. This is likely to meet your customer’s expectations and provide them with a fast, flexible and integrated solution for shopping.


There you have it, 3 cracking ways to boost your e-commerce sales this Christmas! Your main focus should be on your customers and making their shopping experience as personalised, engaging and adaptable as possible, no matter what platform they choose to shop on.

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