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3 Ecommerce Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

3 Ecommerce Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

2018 is here – hurray! But, for ecommerce businesses, this is no time to rest…

Now is the time to think about getting ahead in the new year. How? In a sector as dynamic as ecommerce, it’s all about making the most of the latest trends. As we explore in this post, there are some stand-out developments that all businesses can get on board with. Read on for three ecommerce trends expected to hit hard in 2018.

1. Smarter email marketing

Email is hardly a new concept. It’s been used by businesses and individuals for decades. Nor is email marketing – the use of emails to advertise and generate traffic to your website. However, 2018 will see much more time and money invested into this common marketing method. Why? Businesses are beginning to realise its massive potential.

While previously emails have been seen as a minimum effort traffic booster, we’re now seeing them as a way to actually generate sales. Buy now icons will allow customers to purchase securely directly from their email inbox. Rather than sending out batches of identical emails to customers, businesses will be smart with their strategies:

• Segmenting their target audience into different demographics

• Sending emails triggered by specific events like abandoned carts, rather than bombarding customers with “spam”

• Even personalising emails based on individual customers’ purchase or search history to tailor offers to them

2. AI becomes the norm

In the past, artificial intelligence has seemed like something straight out of the movies. It was futuristic, and only used by those at the forefront of tech-based industries. Now, however, it’s taking all forms and becoming far more accessible. One of 2017’s emerging technologies will become a must-have in 2018 – namely, the chatbot.

Many ecommerce merchants struggle to offer customer support around the clock. Chatbots offer a solution, by engaging with site visitors and responding to general queries without assistance. Even just pointing customers in the right direction on your site will be appreciated and improve the reputation of your company.

3. User-generated content

As well as improving what they offer to customers, ecommerce merchants can encourage customers to help them. How? Through user generated content. This is expected to be a big hit in 2018, with consumers becoming more and more influenced by each other. 47% of millennials say they are influenced by social media when making purchases. That’s compared to just 19% across all age groups.

Firstly, this emphasises the need for a strong brand presence on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. With more people using these sites on a daily basis, there is a huge opportunity for businesses to drive traffic and generate leads without any huge effort or cost.

However, what’s going to be more important in 2018 is getting consumers to spread the word themselves. Encourage customers to post pictures, reviews or just comments about their products by offering discounts or free delivery for their next order as a reward. As well as being hugely influential for other buyers, it will strengthen the relationship between your business and its existing customers.

Stay ahead of the game

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