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5 On-the-Up Industries for a New E-Commerce Business in 2015

5 On-the-Up Industries for a New E-Commerce Business in 2015

E-commerce businesses are on the rise. In every corner of the web, new online business ventures are sprouting up every day. If you’re planning to get involved and start your own e-commerce business, it’s useful to do a little industry research beforehand.

By looking at the latest trends and seeing which industries have growth and ROI potential, you can ensure your e-commerce business sees long term success.

Using this Q4 2014 e-commerce report, we have listed 5 of the most profitable and scalable industries to start your new e-commerce business in 2015.

1. Food & Drink

An e-commerce business industry you can’t ignore this year is food and drink retail. As more and more consumers are looking for easy and convenient ways to purchase their goods online, the food and drink industry has found a convenient opportunity for growth.

Whether it’s the monthly supermarket shopping or a weekly indulgence of snacks, desserts or gourmet coffee – consumers are looking for all of these things online. If you want to start an e-commerce business this year with guaranteed growth, the food and drink industry is the place to be.

2. Computers & Electronics

Online sales for computer and electronic items saw tremendous success in 2014. With per-store sales increasing by 41% alongside a 19% increase in average order value, the largest e-commerce industry has continued to rise.

Items sold under this industry category include smartphone and tablet cases, speakers, camera equipment, Drone equipment and even e-cigarettes. E-commerce businesses in this industry will continue to see growth and scalability, as computers & electronics will remain an attractive purchase for online shoppers.

3. Home & Lifestyle

Even with a housing market decline, the home and lifestyle e-commerce businesses are still soaring high with revenue and sales. With a reported a 45% increase in per-store year-over-year sales in 2014, this industry is determined to lead the way in producing high e-commerce ROI.

Sales of furniture, décor, appliances and more are becoming increasingly easier to order online. With quick delivery and courier services, shoppers are finding this is the go-to option for big purchases. If you’re looking for a strong start for your e-commerce business, we strongly advise considering the home and lifestyle industry.

4. Fashion & Beauty

One particular industry that will never go out of style for e-commerce businesses is fashion & beauty. Consumers appreciate being able to compare products from multiple brands and retailers online, as well as the variety of choices and ease of quick delivery.

From online fashion outlets to independent labels and discounted hair & make-up – the possibilities in this industry are endless for your e-commerce business. And as the lifestyles of everyday consumers become increasingly busier, a fashion & beauty e-commerce business will always stay in style.

5. Health & Fitness

I0% of consumers planned to give health and fitness related gifts for Christmas 2014. As the focus on health and fitness continues to increase, consumers are looking to find quick and easy ways to purchase equipment and products online.

Gym clothes, exercise equipment, protein and power supplements and exercise and diet apps – you can now find it all online. But there’s still time for you to make your mark with a new e-commerce business in this up-and-coming industry.

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