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5 Things to Avoid When Writing Ecommerce Product Descriptions

5 Things to Avoid When Writing Ecommerce Product Descriptions

Shoddy product descriptions will hinder your ecommerce business. Don’t believe us? Research shows that 59% of shoppers wouldn’t use a company’s website if it has obvious grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. It doesn’t end with perfect prose though – writing fantastic product descriptions is much more than good English.

Here are 5 things to avoid when writing product descriptions for your ecommerce business. Enjoy.

1. Lengthy descriptions

One major mistake when it comes to product copy is that you’re writing an essay or you want to buy essay in Canada. It’s easily done, as you’ll probably know your products inside-out.

Try to avoid lengthy descriptions, if you can, as it could send a shopper running for the hills. If that’s not possible – which is the case in certain industries – there are a few ways to make your copy easy to digest.

Make sure you use subheadings, paragraphs and bullet points to make the copy more visually appealing. Alternatively, you can try click-to-expand sections on your site, so visitors can pick and choose which information to read and ignore.

2. Too boring

Product descriptions don’t have to be boring. Yes, you may need to avoid flowery language and over-dramatization, but you can still add a little pep, right? Why will your customers love your products? And how will it change their lives for the better?

A new bird table isn’t the most rock ‘n’ roll product, but when you consider how it will affect the customer, you can start to add in some excitement. Will beautiful wild birds visit their garden? Could they see bullfinches, nuthatches or even a hawk? And will they keep a daily diary of the sightings?

Try making your descriptions into mini descriptive stories that will make the customer forget about the sales pitch. Another option is to take advantage of sensory words, as these engage our brain processing ability and will increase sales.

3. Too obscure

When describing your products, avoid being too vague and obscure. Be as specific as possible and don’t use professional jargon people won’t understand. It’s important to avoid confusing shoppers, as they may order the wrong product and will need to return it or – even worse – opt for your competitors instead.

If you’re receiving lots of product questions, that might be a signal that you’re not explaining what your products are clearly enough. Live Chat apps are a great way to talk to your customers, but if they’re asking the same product questions time and time again, it might be time to act.

4. Exaggeration

Ensuring you product descriptions are entertaining doesn’t mean you should exaggerate the product itself. This is a common mistake, and will almost certainly lead to frustrated customers, returns and possibly legal action.

For example, just because your product can withhold a few splashes of water doesn’t mean it’s waterproof – it is water resistant. Don’t say your product can do something if you’re not 100% sure.

5. Legal trouble

Choose the phrases and words you use carefully, or you could end up facing legal trouble. For example, when using well-known descriptors be sure to check they aren’t trademarked and that you’re not infringing on another brand. If the trademarks are commonly used by customers, you can add it into alternative words for search purposes only.

If in doubt, consult a legal expert.

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