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7 Reasons Why Shopify Plus is a Popular Choice for Fashion Brands

7 Reasons Why Shopify Plus is a Popular Choice for Fashion Brands

Shopify Plus is a popular platform amongst fashion brands. From Skinnydip through to Gymshark, it is a go-to ecommerce platform for ambitious fashion brands who are looking for high growth.

Why is Shopify Plus a popular choice for fashion brands? 

1. Ease of use and simple admin

One of the first things retailers notice when using Shopify or Shopify Plus (whether they are a fashion brand or not), is the platform’s ease of use and simple to understand admin.

The admin of the platform has a clear and straight-forward UX and this certainly streamlines the management for any fashion brand. 

2. Easily customisable theme

Most themes for Shopify Plus stores are easily customisable and this makes it a good choice for fashion brands who often need visual and engaging designs to showcase their products.

Shopify Plus allows for the use of ‘sections’ (a feature similar to Magento Page Builder) and most themes can be amended or altered with minimal knowledge of technical code. 

3. Schedulable content updates

With Launchpad on Shopify Plus, retailers can schedule content updates in advance. 

This is perfect for fashion brands who need to update homepage banners and featured content regularly. This may be for flash sales, product drops or influencer campaigns. 

With this feature, ecommerce teams can schedule content but can also ‘lock’ homepages ahead of a product launch, schedule discounts and promotions, and more.

4. Automation with Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow is the automation engine that comes with Shopify Plus. The engine uses both pre-built templates and a visual workflow builder to start automating your ecommerce setup quickly.

There are a number of various advantages of Shopify Flow, including tracking reviews, organising and segmenting customers, managing orders and inventory management, powerful marketing and other ecommerce tasks. 

This is useful for fashion brands with complex promotions, diverse customer bases and a mix of large-scale marketing campaigns. Any automation that fashion brands can implement to easily manage these aspects of ecommerce is key.

You can find out more about Shopify’s automation here.

5. Easy integrations with loyalty and reviews

Many fashion brands have integrated loyalty schemes for their customers, and many fashion brands rely heavily on customer reviews and user generated content.

Shopify Plus has many easy integrations with loyalty technologies such as LoyaltyLion, Yotpo and Smile.io, as well as with most well-known review platforms.

Alongside easy integrations, you can also take advantage of Shopify Flow and Launchpad to segment marketing campaigns and content for VIP and loyal customers to increase conversion rates and improve user experience.

6. Quick setup with Klarna

Klarna has become a staple ecommerce technology for many fashion brands and also consumers.

Klarna is a Shopify Plus partner and their easy integration will mean that any fashion brand who works with the payments partner will have no problem adding the Klarna integration to their site.

Whilst this isn’t unique to Shopify Plus (Magento also has Klarna baked-in to their admin), it is definitely a powerful technology used by many fashion brands and worth noting.

7. Built for fast, scalable growth

Shopify Plus is one of few ecommerce platforms built for high-growth. Many fashion brands are experiencing incredible growth and need a scalable platform that can accelerate this success.

With a streamlined admin and an ecommerce cloud setup, ecommerce teams don’t have to focus on infrastructure and instead they can invest their time and money on growth.

A platform of choice for fashion

Shopify Plus is one of the go-to platforms of choice for many fashion brands. It is fast, powerful and easy to use. 

However, all fashion brands need to fully evaluate their options. With more complex setups, integrations with marketplaces, or B2B and wholesale offerings, you may need a more comprehensive platform such as Magento 2

But there is no doubt that Shopify Plus is an important player and can be a fantastic choice for ambitious fashion brands who want to get setup quickly and don’t need much bespoke functionality.
If you need help exploring which ecommerce platform is right for you, then get in touch.

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