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9 Ecommerce Podcasts You Should Check Out in 2019

9 Ecommerce Podcasts You Should Check Out in 2019

Podcasting has become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether it’s feminism, football or films, podcasts are made by everyone from enthusiasts to industry experts for a wide range of topics.

But they’re not just a form of entertainment. Podcasts can be used to provide expert advice and insight into a range of topics, including the complex and ever-changing ecommerce industry.

Whether you’re an ecommerce novice looking to learn more or an expert that wants to stay up to date with the latest industry trends, check out these 9 ecommerce podcasts to up your game in 2019.

1. Mage Talk

Magento’s own podcast, Mage Talk, is hosted by Magento experts Kalen Jordan and Phillip Jackson. In each weekly episode the two hosts review the latest Magento news, tech and developer insight. Now running for over two years, this podcast is definitely worth a listen if you’re interested in the behind the scenes of Magento.

2. Marketing School

This longstanding podcast is hosted by ecommerce experts Neil Patel and Eric Siu. With over 900 episodes, there’s plenty of educational, informative podcasts to sink your teeth into. Give them a listen if you want to expand your ecommerce business and learn more about the best marketing tactics.

3. Ecommerce Paradise

Hosts Trevor Fenner and his wife travel the world while building, automating and outsourcing ecommerce businesses. Their podcast shares tips, advice and guidance on how to start up and grow an ecommerce drop-shipping business, regularly featuring special guests to share their expert knowledge.

4. Ecommerce BrainTrust

Kiri Masters and Julie Spear host this momentum building podcast, sharing their experience and insight into how you can boost your ecommerce brand. Join the two hosts and their expert guests for interesting, high-level discussions to learn key strategies, trends and innovations.

5. Cha-Ching

This weekly podcast discusses strategy and business plans with ecommerce entrepreneurs, merchants and thought leaders. The host, Kevin Wild, has a strong ecommerce background as the owner of clothing brand Fat Rich Wild.

6. Ecommerce Influence

The ecommerce influencer podcast and articles offer advanced strategies for fast-growing online brands. Austin Brawner presents the podcast, sharing his expert knowledge as an email marketing consultant, and speaker on marketing for ecommerce and business.

7. The Modern Entrepreneur

Podcast host, Giovanni Prieto, has sold millions of pounds worth of products and generated thousands of leads in his career. Needless to say, he has a clear insight into the world of entrepreneurship. Have a listen to learn how you can make money in an ethical way, with Giovanni’s best tips for success.

8. Web Women Podcast

Are you an ecommerce business owner? Or interested in digital marketing? The Web Women Podcast will teach you everything you need to know about becoming an ecommerce expert. Hosted by two women – Holly and Rachel – you can gain an insight into how to create and build a successful online store.

9. Nerd Marketing

Drew Sanocki hosts this interesting and unique podcast, offering no-nonsense clear, actionable, data-driven strategies that can help you transform your ecommerce business. If you want to discover more about increasing traffic, boosting customer loyalty or growing your business, this podcast is worth a listen.

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