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A Beginner’s Guide to Google AdWords Remarketing

A Beginner’s Guide to Google AdWords Remarketing

For many businesses, advertising is key to attracting new clients and driving conversions. But what do you do once people have clicked on your ad, visited your website and left without buying anything? How can you capture their attention again and ensure you’re the first website they visit next time they’re searching for a similar product or service? The solution lies in remarketing.

Several search engines offer remarketing advertising services, however, in this post we will focus on the daddy of all search engines, Google, and its service – Google AdWords.

What is AdWords remarketing?

Google AdWords remarketing is a form of online advertising. It lets you show targeted ads to people who’ve visited your website, used your mobile app or shown interest in what you offer by providing you with their email address.

What can AdWords remarketing do for my business?

The beauty of remarketing is that it allows you to display your ads to customers long after they have left your website. Essentially, it allows you to re-engage with visitors who then go on to visit one of the Google Display Network’s 2 million registered websites.

So, how does this translate in real life?

Perhaps someone has visited your website and viewed your products or services, but then decided to leave without making a purchase. It may be that they weren’t quite ready to commit to buying from your company, but where does that leave you? You don’t want your company to be forgotten, and remarketing can ensure it isn’t!

What are the benefits of AdWords remarketing?

Remarketing can dramatically increase your return on investment (ROI) by driving sales activity, promoting awareness of your brand and driving conversions. Key benefits include:

  • Access to actively engaged browsers.
  • The ability to create tailored ad campaigns based on your advertising goals.
  • Performance reports to help you see where your ads are showing and how they are performing.
  • Multiple text, image and video ads can be created for free with Ad gallery.

Types of AdWords marketing campaigns

One of the best things about AdWords remarketing is that you can tailor each campaign to target specific customer groups. Listed below are some of the ways to remarket with Google AdWords:

  • Standard remarketing: Targets your past visitors when they browse other websites and apps that are registered with Google Display Network.
  • Dynamic remarketing: Includes specific products or services that visitors have viewed on your website.
  • Remarketing for mobile apps: Shows ads to browsers who have used your mobile app or website when they browse other mobile websites registered with the Display Network.
  • Remarketing list for search ads: Shows your ad to anyone who has browsed your website and goes on to do related searches using Google.
  • Video remarketing: Shows ads to people who have interacted with your videos and YouTube channel as they continue to browse Display Network websites, videos and apps.
  • Email-list remarketing: Use your email subscription list to show ads to any customers who are logged in to their Google, YouTube or Gmail accounts.

Get more from your AdWords account

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