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Adobe Acquires Magento for $1.68 Billion

Adobe Acquires Magento for $1.68 Billion

Big news for the ecommerce world. Adobe has announced its acquisition of Magento for a whopping $1.68 billion. An exciting prospect, with new and innovative changes likely to occur sooner rather later. Combining the digital prowess of Adobe and the intelligence of Magento, the future of ecommerce is looking bright.

Find out the details and what to expect from this partnership…

The magic of Magento

Magento is a forward-thinking ecommerce platform, which allow businesses to create unique and innovative shopping experiences. Their reach is global, with a community of nearly 300,000 developers. And – as a Magento Solution Partner – it’s a platform we champion passionately at Fluid Digital.

Benefits of Magento include scalability and a digital ecosystem of numerous pre-built extensions such as, payment, shipping and logistics.

Adobe taking the next step

Shaking up the digital world Adobe have now taken the decision to acquire Magento in one of the biggest deals in nearly a decade. The potential technological impact of this new duo has caused waves across the industry.

The deal is said to close during the third quarter of Adobe’s fiscal year – which is, of course, subject to approval and conditions.

Under this new direction Magento CEO Mark Lavelle will still lead. After completion, and as part of Adobe Digital Experience Business, he will report to Brad Rencher – Executive Vice President and General Manager of Digital Experience.

The future of ecommerce

So, what does this partnership mean for your ecommerce website?

This acquisition will bring with it a new and improved form of digital commerce. With this in mind, Mark Lavelle stated that both companies “share a cultural focus on empowerment, creativity, extensibility, collaboration, contribution and inclusion.”

The combined goals show they hope to build upon the many benefits each company brings to the table.

The aim of this acquisition is then to integrate Adobe Experience Cloud on a single platform. This will be for both B2B and B2C users. This will improve their cloud technology, analytics, advertising and marketing.

Adobe have realised the full potential of combining content and commerce to create a more streamlined and effective customer experience. Meeting the needs of shoppable interactions, Brad Rencher said the future is “experience-driven commerce.”

Building businesses together

With the future of commerce at the forefront of this sale, it shows the passion and creativity amongst the community of developers. And this partnership will continue to include an eclectic range of innovators and an even more diverse network of businesses.

Adobe and Magento know they have big boots to fill, but are they up to the task?

They certainly are, with developer-driven approaches and as promised “compelling experiences across the customer journey.” Companies will benefit from developed order management and business intelligence.

Talk to a Magento expert

Looking at your own Magento website, what can you do to take full advantage of this acquisition?

Working with a Magento specialist ensures you get the most benefits for your business. And, that’s where Fluid Digital comes in. As a Magento Solution Partner, we are invited to strategy meetings, meaning we will be privy to any new developments after this takeover. This includes technical support, training and a business focus. Not to mention early software access –  an exciting prospect with new updates likely to occur under this new deal.

With Fluid Digital, you can be certain you’re working with best in all aspects of ecommerce design and development. Contact us today to see how we can assist you.

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