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Annual PayPal Partner Summit: 2019 Roundup

Annual PayPal Partner Summit: 2019 Roundup

We were excited to join the PayPal team, technology partners and other ecommerce agencies across the UK as we joined the refreshed PayPal Partner Summit in London last week. We learnt more about the platform, how we can best support our client’s ecommerce journeys and understood how the PayPal products work together to help retailers achieve high growth.


PayPal Partner Program Refresh

Dave Smallwood, Director of Partnerships & Marketplaces UK, kicked off the day by walking us through the refreshed PayPal Partner Program, including the new Partner Portal and how they’re working with agencies in 2019.

We’re definitely looking forward to working with the PayPal team more collaboratively on our clients’ projects, and having more opportunities to give direct feedback from our team and our clients on the PayPal products and offering.


Mobile Optimisation Initiative

We then heard from Rob Long, Ecommerce Evangelist at PayPal, who walked us through the Mobile Optimisation Initiative, launched by PayPal, Magento and HiConversion.

The initiative is an interesting program built to support retailers with optimising and improving their mobile conversion rates and mobile performance. The initiative is free for merchants who have ambitions to increase their mobile ecommerce conversions, with free standardised experiments using the HiConversion platform.

Some of these experiments include collapsing coupon and promo code fields, removing wishlist features, adding PayPal Express Checkout buttons and even removing breadcrumbs – all with varying degrees of success in improving conversion rates so far across mobile, desktop or tablet.

The team have seen great success internationally and the program has now launched in the UK, so we’re excited to see where the opportunities lie here for retailers.


PayPal Product Updates

We then also heard from more of the PayPal team, including Kevin Roarke and Rachel Woods.

Kevin walked us through the Braintree product, with Rachel rounding us off with updates from the PayPal Working Capital offering, in between other key talks from the Simility and Hyperwallet teams too.

All in all, it was great to hear from all of the PayPal product teams and see where our clients can get the most support, whether this is tech features, financial support or mobile conversion improvements.

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