Fluid Commerce Shortlisted for 11 Awards at the Northern Ecommerce Awards, UK Digital Growth Awards and Ecommerce Awards 2020

We’re excited to announce that Fluid Commerce have been shortlisted for an amazing 11 awards across three of the major ecommerce awards this year – Northern Ecommerce Awards, UK Digital Growth Awards and Ecommerce Awards 2020.

Award ceremonies are different this year, with most ceremonies being hosted virtually, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be celebrating the best of the best in ecommerce any differently.

We’re looking forward to showcasing our client work and shouting about the success we’ve seen with the exciting brands we work with.

Celebrating with Moda Furnishings

Moda Furnishings is one of the leading rattan garden furniture retailers in the UK. They sell their own range of luxury rattan garden furniture direct to the consumer through multiple channels including their online store and regional showrooms.

Our work with Moda Furnishings has been shortlisted for five awards, including:

  • B2C Ecommerce Website of the Year at the #UKDGAwards2020
  • PPC Campaign of the Year (B2C) at the #UKDGAwards2020
  • Best Ecommerce Search / Marketing Campaing at the #NEC2020
  • DIY, Home, Furniture & Interior Design Ecommerce Website of the Year at the #NEC2020
  • Best Home and Garden Ecommerce at the #EcommerceAwards2020

The retailer has seen significant growth over the past six years since working with us across Magento support and PPC strategy, and with Magento 1 end-of-life approaching, we worked with the team to migrate their existing Magento 1 site over to Magento 2 to maximise their growth potential, along with continued comprehensive PPC management.

Showcasing Celebrate Gifts

Celebrate Gifts is a leading gifting retailer of chocolate, candle and wine bouquets, built on the Shopify platform. The retailer also sells through the Amazon marketplace, through their two brands, The Chocolate Bouquet Company and Cndle.

Our with Celebrate Gifts has been shortlisted for three awards, including:

  • Integrated Search Campaign of the Year at the #UKDGAwards2020
  • Best Ecommerce in Lockdown at the #EcommerceAwards2020
  • Best Food & Drink Ecommerce at the #EcommerceAwards2020

The retailer has experienced high growth within the past year and needed an experienced digital advertising partner who could optimise and grow their Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and Amazon Advertising accounts ahead of the seasonal gifting period and beyond.

Growth for Fluid Commerce

As an agency, we have also been shortlisted for a number of awards including:

  • Best Agency at the #EcommerceAwards2020
  • Small Integrated Digital Agency of the Year at the #UKDGAwards2020

Another of our key clients, ChloBo, has also been shortlisted for Best Fashion Ecommerce at the #EcommerceAwards2020.

2019 and 2020 has been an exciting period for Fluid with the repositioning as an ecommerce growth agency, the growth and expansion in the team, the finalisation of the move into Manchester city centre, strong client retention and new client wins across high-growth ecommerce retailers. The agency is one of the largest independent Magento and ecommerce agencies in the North, as a direct result from the investment in the team and dedication to ecommerce success.

We’re excited to continue to grow and celebrate ecommerce success with out clients this year!

We are excited to announce that we have rebranded and to better reflect our expertise and our ethos, we are now Fluid Commerce.

The rebrand is something that the team has reflected on for a long time . We wanted a name that better reflected our more than 10-year specialism in ecommerce and retail.

The past year has been a worrying time for retailers. The resilience seen from those who have grasped ecommerce has been rewarding, and in many cases, those retailers have seen excellent ecommerce growth. 

The importance of ecommerce to retailers, at a time when the high street is struggling, is a debate that the ecommerce community has had for years but the coronavirus crisis has brought this into sharp focus for many retailers.

The timing is right for us to cement the Fluid brand with a name more befitting of an agency specialising in a growing, fast-paced and exciting market. Fluid Commerce delivers just that. 

The rebrand also coincides with the appointment of Rob Pimlott, our new ecommerce growth strategist, which has strengthened our strategy service for clients. Rob has significant retail experience and will be working with our existing and new clients to ensure they are making the most of the potential ecommerce offers them.

Our new name and position reflects our continued growth and change as an agency, following our £1 million revenue milestone earlier this year. 

If you have any questions about our rebrand then either get in touch with the Fluid team directly or send us an email at hello@fluid-commerce.co.uk.

My name is Rob and I’m one of Fluid’s most recent hires – as a new Senior Account Manager and Ecommerce Growth Strategist. It’s been a month since I started at Fluid Digital, an ecommerce digital agency based in Manchester. The North West has become a hub for creative, forward-thinking, internationally recognised ecommerce digital agencies and something I’m now proud to be a part of.

I’ve worked retail and client-side the whole of my career and always fancied moving over to the other side. I wanted to share my knowledge, experience, and hopefully drive change from a client thinking mentality.

I was absolutely buzzing (yes, I’m a Mancunian) to land this role with Fluid Digital. Adam and Carl who interviewed me really gave me a good feeling about the agency. Their level-headed, growth-driven approach to ecommerce builds and great customer service gave me confidence that this was the job, and more importantly, the company for me.

Starting a new role in a completely different dynamic can be daunting. Starting a new role in a different dynamic in the middle of a lockdown pandemic can really make things interesting. I’ve always been an office person rather than working from home. To find most of the business is now set up virtually, working from home has been a small challenge in all honesty. I’ve had a few ‘one to one’s with the majority of team members and feel like I’ve built a decent working relationship with most.

I’ve been commuting into the office most of the time and the majority of it has been me, in the office, on my own. I think this has made things more ‘normal’ from a working aspect and helped me settle in.

So, how does working on the agency side of things feel, you say?

I worked with a chap in my last role who said “you must be mad going on the agency side”.

In all honesty, I’m loving it. The diversity of the projects I’ve been working on is why I wanted to change over. Getting your hands on different software is something else that I’ve always been interested in and gives me an even broader range of using it for the future to help clients grow their business.

Morning standup with the devs is always interesting and really shows to me how dedicated and technical people are in this company. Some work through the evening and even weekends to push tasks and projects through. Having devs at the tips of my fingers to ask questions is something I’ve always wanted to have and work with.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Nick Handley, Head Of Performance Marketing who has been coming into the office quite regularly. His knowledge of paid advertising across Google and Amazon has blown my mind, to be honest. His department is doing some amazing things for many online businesses and has seen really strong growth for the business from the start of the year and during the pandemic.

Carl, the Account Director, has been showing me the ropes from day one whilst launching a huge project with one of our clients. His knowledge and guidance have really helped me just kick on, and get stuck in with the clients I’m working with.

I’ve also been working on a few things with Adam, Managing Director. His future vision for the business has once again made me think this was the right choice. His openness to employees makes the working environment a calm and relaxed one whilst maintaining a ‘we get the job done and on time’ attitude really helps motivate people.

Cablecraft is one of the clients I’ve been working with over the past month. I feel I’ve helped the client with growth opportunities through development and ecommerce consultancy whilst also running day to day tasks and any bug fixes for them. Looking forward to really growing their business and keeping a strong relationship with them for years to come.

I’m genuinely really happy to work for a company that puts employee’s safety first and has the openness to listen to everyone. On Friday we do a show and tell which is all about finishing the week on a positive note. Something I’ve never experienced before with previous roles and does make working conditions really great!

Hopefully, this article will make other people realise that change is good. Don’t ever be afraid of pushing yourself into a different role.

Thanks for reading and if you want to get in touch and talk about the client to agency role change, ecommerce, or bikes, message me on LinkedIn.

We’re excited to announce that after 10 years of ecommerce experience, we have now launched a new Shopify ecommerce service for fast-growing retailers.


Shopify Partners


We are still a leading Magento agency in the UK, but we are now able to offer an alternative platform build where Magento does not meet the client’s requirements. This positions us as a true ecommerce growth agency.


Why Shopify?

Where Magento is not a good fit for a retailer, we need to be able to offer an alternative platform.

Shopify is an important player in ecommerce. With Magento 1 end-of-life approaching very soon, many retailers are exploring their options and we are having more discussions regarding Shopify than ever before.

We also have experience with Shopify and Shopify Plus clients across our PPC and Amazon Marketing services, with a strong foundation of Shopify insight and know-how.


Our Shopify Ecommerce Service

With our proven experience in ecommerce design and development, our Shopify team can offer an alternative platform build that fits our client’s ecommerce needs with a solution that’s right for them.

We are now able to offer:

  • New Shopify or Shopify Plus Design and Build
  • Magento 1 to Shopify or Shopify Plus Migration
  • Magento 2 to Shopify or Shopify Plus Migration
  • Bespoke Platforms to Shopify or Shopify Plus
  • Shopify or Shopify Plus Ecommerce Support

Whether clients are looking to migrate from another platform to Shopify or looking for an agency to support their Shopify site, we have an insightful and expert team that can work with them to grow their ecommerce brand on the Shopify platform.

Adam Hindle, Managing Director, comments: “Magento remains a key part of our agency but when it does not meet our clients’ requirements, Shopify is an excellent alternative with many advantages. For retailers that do not require a sophisticated level fo customisation but need a fast time to market, or lower development and maintenance costs, Shopify is a great option.

“We are excited to now be able to offer Shopify development as there are a lot of B2C brands that fit it well and would see sales growth by moving to the platform or upgrading their current Shopify site. We also see a lot of growth potential for Fluid in these markets so from a business growth perspective, it makes perfect sense.”


Shopify Partners

Fluid Digital are a Shopify Partner agency. If you’re wanting to find out more about which ecommerce platform will best suit your needs, get in touch.

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our Amazon marketing service with the appointment of Victor Fernandez as our new Amazon Marketing Executive.

Victor joins us directly from the Amazon Advertising team, bringing unique knowledge and insight to grow client’s accounts on the Amazon platform.



He will work closely with the team to implement and manage the growth strategy of the agency’s ecommerce clients on Amazon, with a focus on Amazon Advertising. Key clients that he will be working on include Wynsors World of Shoes and Lakeland Leather.

Adam Hindle, Managing Director, comments “the Amazon team has seen significant growth over the past twelve months and we’re excited for Victor to join the agency and add unique value with his direct experience working within the Amazon Advertising arm of the marketplace.”

Victor adds “the agency has a clear vision for the future of their Amazon service and I’m looking forward to being a part of it.”

We saw turnover hit the £1million mark for the first time last year and also celebrated our 10 year anniversary. We are also set to experience further increases in growth in 2020, with plans to significantly expand our Amazon offering.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for four awards at this year’s UK Ecommerce Awards 2020!

The ceremony takes place at Montcalm Marble Arch in London on Wednesday 25 March 2020, and we’re excited to celebrate with the other retailers and agencies on the night.

UK Ecommerce Awards 2019 Shortlisted Banner


Beauty, Health and Wellbeing Ecommerce Website of the Year

Our first award nomination is with our client, Augustinus Bader, a leading skincare retailer, and their recent migration from Shopify Plus to Magento 2.

Launching in early 2018, the brand has seen significant growth with high profile recommendations from celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Diane Kruger, alongside beauty editors and makeup artists across the world.

For us to win this category with Augustinus Bader would be a fantastic recognition of the significant impact our collaboration has had on the health and beauty ecommerce industry in such a short space of time.


B2C Ecommerce Website of the Year

We have also seen Augustinus Bader shortlisted for the B2C Ecommerce Website of the Year, a great recognition of the success and the growth of their site.

To handle the demand that Augustinus Bader was generating, the ecommerce team knew they needed a more flexible and stable enterprise platform that allowed for further internationalisation. We migrated the brand’s seven Shopify Plus sites over to one Magento 2 site and took advantage of key features that have empowered the team to focus on this growth.

Matt Jeans, Chief Digital Officer of Augustinus Bader, has commented: “We have only really scratched the surface of the potential that exists for our products in terms of online sales. We felt Fluid Digital understood the brief well and had experience of delivering similar projects that have generated excellent results. They were the natural choice to instruct and had a clear passion for what we wanted to achieve.”


Search Campaign of the Year

Our PPC and Amazon Marketing teams have also seen an award shortlist, with their Google Ads and Amazon campaigns with Celebrate Gifts, a leading gifting retailer of chocolate, candle and wine bouquets.

Celebrate Gifts is a new client working in partnership with Fluid Digital and we have been able to deliver significant results in a short three-month period across multiple platforms in a niche gifting market.

In 2019, Celebrate Gifts approached us to work with them to drive sales and increase revenue with an optimisation of their current PPC strategy and to launch their Amazon paid advertising strategy. This multi-strategy approach allowed us to maximise sales and win market share.

Paul Bloor, CEO of Celebrate Gifts, has commented: “We have been extremely pleased with the initial results we have seen since Fluid Digital has taken over our PPC and Amazon strategies. Their Amazon leadership and expertise is clear, and they have taken our sales on the platform to the next level. They are reliable, proactive and they are a friendly team to work with.”


UK Ecommerce Small Agency of the Year

Fluid Digital has had an exciting past twelve months, with our repositioning towards an ecommerce growth agency, the growth and expansion in the team, the finalisation of the move into Manchester city centre, strong client retention and new client wins across high-growth ecommerce retailers.

We have seen incredible growth and success within our ecommerce site builds and performance marketing campaigns, despite competitive market conditions. For us to win this award would be a reinforcement of the personalised and detailed approach we take to ecommerce, and would establish us as a solid choice of agency for retailers that seek that hard-to-find mixture of knowledge, availability, efficiency, care and straight-forward advice and support.

We are an ambitious ecommerce growth agency. We hit £1m in annual revenue for the first time in our history last year, with growth expected to continue and hit forecast revenues of £3million by 2023.


Good luck to everyone shortlisted!

It’s going to be fantastic night, with a celebration of the latest ecommerce talent in the industry across both retailers and agencies, and it’s great to be a part of it.

You can read the full shortlist here.

We’re pleased to announce that Fluid Digital saw 23 per cent revenue growth at the end of last year as our annual sales topped £1million for the first time.

Our Managing Director, Adam Hindle, explained that a number of strategic hires during 2019, coupled with a clutch of new site launches and support and marketing contract wins, had contributed to the significant growth of the agency in our financial year ending 31 December.

Hires have included Nick Handley as Head of Performance Marketing in October, Carl Walker as Account Director in April and Joshua Hobson as Marketing Manager in May. In addition, Roman Leshchenko, who formerly worked as a developer for Magento in Kiev, Ukraine relocated to the UK for Fluid in October.

Project launches have included Magento 2 Commerce sites for skincare brand Augustinus Bader and jewellery brand Chlobo. We have also worked with Wynsors World of Shoes, Lakeland Leather, Moda Furnishings and Trutex.

Adam commented: “Revenue growth of 23 per cent is excellent and I’m absolutely delighted that Fluid is thriving, continues to win new clients and delivers websites and campaigns that significantly increase our client’s sales.

“It’s a testament to our team that we have achieved this growth because they work incredibly hard and are extremely dedicated to our clients.

“It’s been a tricky time for our market as some businesses were holding off on giving projects the go-ahead due to the uncertainty around Brexit. It’s very competitive and that’s why we have to ensure that we are constantly evolving and keeping in-step with new trends such as alternative payment methods like Klarna. Our aim is to have experts in the major strands of ecommerce to cover all bases, offer a knowledgeable and experience-driven service and ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry.”

Adam added that Fluid, which is based on Hilton Street in the Northern Quarter, had exciting announcements to make about new service launches that will enable them to target more clients and will be key to future revenue growth.

Congratulations to the team once again for winning Best Small PPC Agency at last night’s UK Search Awards 2019! It’s great to be recognised in one of the largest search awards events in the calendar, and it was a fantastic night with great company across the industry. The award is now one of five award wins this year for us at Fluid Digital and we’re proud of the team and all the hard work we’ve seen in 2019!


Best Small PPC Agency – Winner

We have had an exciting year with our repositioning towards an ecommerce growth agency, the growth and expansion in the PPC team, strong client retention and new client wins across high-growth ecommerce retailers for both our PPC and Amazon Marketing services. We are one of the largest independent ecommerce agencies in the North, as a direct result from the investment in the PPC team and dedication to ecommerce success across paid search. We have seen incredible growth and success within our paid search campaigns and performance marketing division as a whole. For us to win the award is a reinforcement of the personalised and detailed approach we take to paid search, and establishes us as a solid choice of agency for retailers that seek that hard-to-find mixture of knowledge, availability, efficiency and care for campaigns.


Congratulations to all winners

This is our fifth award win this year after the Northern Ecommerce Awards 2019, UK Digital Growth Awards 2019 and the UK Ecommerce Awards 2019. We’re glad that our team has been recognised throughout the year for their hard work, skill and expertise and here’s to many more in 2020!

Congrats to the Fluid team once again as we have been awarded Ecommerce Agency of the Year – Small at the Northern Ecommerce Awards 2019. The Fluid team is on a roll!


Northern Ecommerce Awards 2019 Winner

Ecommerce Agency of the Year – Winner

We’ve seen a repositioning towards an ecommerce growth agency this year, a challenge within a crowded ecommerce space, but we’ve seen tremendous success with growth in our clients, new partners, expansion of the team and a new office. The team has launched a number of new client sites this year and managed successful campaigns over the past twelve months, including Augustinus Bader, Cablecraft, Lakeland Leather, Moda Furnishings, Arm Candy, Back Pain Help and more.

We’ve also developed a highly specialist performance marketing offering over the past twelve months, with the launch of an Amazon marketing service offering, a new service offered only by a small handful of agencies in the North.

Finally, we’ve also seen significant changes over the past twelve months in our team, with the appointment of an Account Director, Head of Performance Marketing, Marketing Manager, QA Tester and a number of Magento developers, to support the growth of the business.

It’s fantastic that we’ve been awarded the Ecommerce Agency of the Year award for our work on improving our ecommerce growth offering and positioning ourselves as a leading ecommerce agency in the region. 


Northern Ecommerce Awards 2019 Shortlist

Best Ecommerce Search / Marketing Campaign – Finalist

We were also shortlisted twice in the Best Ecommerce Search / Marketing Campaign category for our work with Lakeland Leather and Moda Furnishings. The peak trading period, including BFCM and Christmas, are crucial to ecommerce brands, and Lakeland Leather’s strategy was to take advantage of peak trading to supercharge the ecommerce brand’s high-growth and highlight the brand as an industry leader in fashion and fashion accessories. Moda Furnishings has also achieved fantastic ecommerce success in revenue growth, whilst remaining profitable, allowing for continued and further investment in ecommerce campaigns and improvement. Whilst it’s unfortunate we didn’t win here, it’s great to be recognised with two of our flagship clients for their growth!


Congratulations to All Finalists

This awards ceremony follows our PPC Agency of the Year win earlier in the year at the UK Digital Growth Awards, and our nominations and wins at the UK Ecommerce Awards, Ecommerce Awards, Northern Marketing Awards and UK Search Awards. We’re thrilled that our team has been recognised for their skill, hard work and passion for ecommerce, and we hope this is an award win of many more as awards season approaches.

We’re excited to announce that we have promoted Nick Handley to the position of Head of Performance Marketing.

Nick was previously our Digital Insight Manager, analysing clients’ sales, traffic and usability data to enable our team to advise on ecommerce strategy.

In his new role Nick, will head our performance marketing team which manages campaigns for clients across a range of paid digital advertising services. This includes Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, and Amazon Marketing. He will be tasked with driving our performance marketing services and improving its offering to both new and existing clients. This will include improving internal processes and staying abreast of new technologies and services that can be offered to clients in this rapidly evolving market.

Nick brings 4 years’ experience to the role and will be working with clients including Wynsors World of Shoes, Moda Furnishings and Lakeland Leather. Since joining the agency, Nick has helped shape the team into a fast growing department, with a transformation of our fees towards a revenue-based model, hiring new team members to grow our headcount, and a PPC Agency of the Year win at the UK Digital Growth Awards.

Nick commented: “I’m really excited to have been selected for this position as it will give me the ability to shape performance marketing services at Fluid and help the agency, and more importantly its clients, grow revenues.

“Performance marketing is such a dynamic and fast-paced sector and I’m looking forward to building on the results Fluid has achieved and taking this part of its business to the next level. For the clients, I want to deliver excellent results that will enable them to prosper and grow and build strong and long-lasting relationships with Fluid.”

Adam Hindle, Managing Director, added: “Nick has really impressed us with the work he has done previously and was a natural choice to lead the team. He is bringing with him a wealth of ideas and we have some exciting plans for the future of our performance marketing offering.”

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