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Could a Custom App Help Your Business?

Could a Custom App Help Your Business?

Being able to connect, collaborate and share with colleagues, family and friends via mobile apps is something many of us now take for granted. Apps allow us to keep track of so many areas of our lives, from our bank balance to the status of our most recent Amazon delivery, but have you ever stopped to consider whether your business could benefit from a mobile app?

In this blog post we take a closer look at some of the benefits of custom apps and find out what an app could do for you.

What is a custom mobile business app?

Put simply, a custom mobile business app is an app that has been customised to meet the specific requirements of a business. Off-the-shelf apps are ready-built, generic apps that have been developed to appeal to a wide audience. As a result, they often contain features and tools that you (and your customers) don’t need or really want. This can reduce the value of the app in the eyes of your clients.

Why are custom business apps so popular?

Custom apps aren’t just for giant global organisations like McDonalds or Nike. It is now much faster and less expensive to build custom apps that it used to be, so an increasing number of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are embracing them.

Whether it’s your local dog walking service or the family-run Italian restaurant around the corner from your office, mobile apps are certainly more than just a mobile trend. They are part of an incredibly successful mobile marketing and promotion strategy that’s allowing smaller businesses to compete with their larger competitors.

Here are just a few ways a custom mobile app could help your business.

Enhance your brand

You could use a custom mobile app to tell a story about your brand. From the design to the content, everything you choose to include in your app can (and should) reflect your company’s values and enhance the image you’ve created for your brand.

Effortless communication and booking

An app will give your clients another way of communicating with you. Depending on the services and products you provide, you could use your app to schedule and book appointments, saving you and your customers the time and effort of emailing or calling to discuss availability.

Be unique and stand out

Custom apps can be tailored to suit your business’s requirements – unlike off-the-shelf apps. Customising your app to include only the features and services that you know will benefit your customers will mean you’re not paying for features you don’t need or use, and your customers will be happier with the app too!

Promote your offers and events

For added convenience, you can keep all of your latest offer and discount information your customers need on your app, and even utilise push notifications to notify specific groups of customers about new products and services you think they could benefit from. Are you using a physical loyalty card system? This could also be transferred onto your app, saving paper and the planet too!

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