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Creating great website content

Creating great website content

Ensuring a website ranks well in the search engines and coverts visitors to those all-important enquiries is an ongoing challenge. It takes a great SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy and a regular supply of fresh and engaging content.

Web design agencies, such as Fluid Digital, employ technical whizz kids to provide hardworking SEO packages for companies in need of a little expert help. However businesses need to work hand-in-hand with their agency and ensure that there is a regular supply of good content that can be added to their site on a weekly, if not daily, basis. As the online marketplace becomes more and more competitive those that neglect this crucial area face declining sales and a widening gap between them and those at the forefront.

Google is the most popular search engine by far and its capabilities are becoming more and more intelligent. Those sites that have original and relevant content regularly added will be rewarded for their efforts by the search engine with good rankings. Not only that, customers now expect websites to work harder for their attention with engaging content that is constantly being updated. Companies that deliver this stand a far better chance of seeing those visitors again as future clients.

We appreciate however that for those who do not work in the creative industries it can be difficult to know where to start when producing website content. However there are simple ways of generating the content you need and here we give a run down of some of the most effective ones. Some of these you will be able to do in-house, but for others it may be worth outsourcing, if you do not the resources. Your web design agency should be able to point you in the right direction for this.


Blogs are a great way to add content quickly and easily, while also showcasing your expertise to potential clients. A blog is basically short article written by you, which gives you the chance to discuss market developments with your audience. It might be based on a recent news article you have seen, a new trend or an interesting development within the market you operate. Share your thoughts and show how you understand your market better than your competitors. Blog ideas are limitless and it’s a good idea to ensure your blog is updated as often as possible (ideally a few times a week).  Your web design agency can add a blog facility to your site and give you some advice on getting started.

Leaving a blog lingering for a few weeks without a new post is an absolute no-no as it looks as if your company is inactive so ensure you have a plan in place before wading in. Always ensure your blogs are well written, accurate and interesting. Pop in your key Google search terms when they crop up naturally but beware over-optimising your blogs as Google may penalise you for this with a drop in rankings. You can also insert links into your blogs to other relevant online content.

News items

A news section on your website allows you to share your company developments with visitors, helping you to sell your services. Whether you have a won a prestigious award or achieved record sales, shout about your successes with a news item on your website. Visitors will be impressed and encouraged to make an enquiry and it gives you the chance to update your site with new content. Add pictures to strengthen the SEO value and make the news item even more engaging.

Media coverage

If your company has hit the headlines recently then add a link to the online media coverage to your site. It could feature on your news section or in a dedicated media coverage section. Your web design agency will be able to build you a content management system that is simple to use and will allow you to past the link to the media coverage directly into your site. Ask permission from the relevant news site first and check that the way you use the coverage does not contravene licensing laws.

Links to media coverage offer a great interactive and engaging feature for visitors, as well as showcasing your successes and provide another way of regularly updating your website.

Videos and pod casts

Adding videos to websites is now recognised as one of the best ways of improving that site’s search engine rankings. Google recognises that videos are extremely popular content and hugely important in terms of the experience of web users. If you are able to have an engaging corporate video professionally produced then great, but if that’s not within your budget there may be other, cheaper routes that you can take.

Do you have in-house video equipment and employees with some experience of making short films? Are there any film students you can call on? These may be possibilities but the most important issue is that the finished product is of a decent quality and that people would be interested in watching it.

Similarly podcasts can be another very engaging addition to your website. Could you give a small amount of free advice to visitors with a view to drawing them in as clients? If so, there are companies that can produce podcasts for you and would be worth contacting for a quote.


Adding articles to your site is another great way of varying the type of content you update it with. The article should discuss an issue related to your service in-depth, with the aim of informing the reader about the issue rather than being purely about selling your services. You may have a dedicated marketing professional who can produce an article that will be of interest to people who visit your site and shows how much you care about ensuring they have all the advice they need.


Do you have access to some great stats about the market you operate in that would be of interest to visitors to your site? If so then you could have an infographic designed to provide a stylish and highly engaging piece of content that is widely reported to be great for search rankings. Internet research is a great starting place for stats about an issue, as are journals and newspaper articles. Visitors to your site will learn something from your infographic and have an engaging experience of your site, encouraging them to make an enquiry.

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