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Is Your Ecommerce Store Secure?

Is Your Ecommerce Store Secure?

Online fraud and cybercrime are now the country’s most common offences, with more than one in ten people falling victim to online crime last year in the UK. With this statistic in mind, it’s easy to see why more and more people are paying closer attention to the level of security and protection offered by the websites they visit.

If you manage an ecommerce store, now is the time to ask yourself: is it secure? With customers’ payment and personal details to protect, taking steps to ensure your site is as secure as possible is a must. So, what’s the best solution?

What’s all the fuss about HTTPS?

Adding an extra layer of security to your ecommerce site using HTTPS is advisable. HTTPS (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure) helps to secure your customers’ data and strengthens your site’s protection against cyber-attacks.

HTTPS works by creating a secure connection, as indicated in the far left hand corner of the address bar by ‘https://’ and the appearance of the tell-tale lock icon. HTTPS lets users know that they are connected to a secure site and that their data and personal information will be encrypted to protect it from data thieves.

Why should I be using HTTPS?

  • Secure your data: HTTPS is there to secure your (and your customers’) data. When you ask for and receive payment and personal information on your website, it’s your duty to make sure this information is protected. HTTPS ensures that data is sent in encrypted text, making it far harder for data thieves to access it.
  • Improve search engine rankings: An increasing number of Google results are secure. In fact, analysis has revealed that 50% of Google’s Page-1 Results are HTTPS (up from 30% just 9 months ago). And, although Google maintain that they don’t have any plans to boost the algorithmic reward for secure sites, a steady stream of businesses are choosing to make the switch and adopt HTTPS pages. Many people suspect that Google’s stance on so-called “secure search” will likely change in the not-so-distant future and could potentially swing in favour if HTTPS sites.
  • Build trust: Trust is a key factor in building a successful brand, so anything you can do to build trust in your online business should be taken seriously. Online shoppers want to know that they are on a secure website before they enter their card details or personal information. If you can’t give them this visible assurance of protection they may well choose to shop elsewhere. Without the security of HTTPS your business could be losing thousands upon thousands of pounds in sales annually.
  • Minimise risk: Competition between online retailers is fierce and a data breach could completely destroy trust in your company overnight. Could your business survive the aftermath of a serious data breach? Don’t take the risk. Although HTTPS won’t eliminate the threat of attack entirely, it will help to dramatically minimise risk and make your business less vulnerable to cyber thieves.

Can we help?

The message is clear: don’t leave gaps in your online security. At Fluid Digital, our team of Magento-certified developers are the best in the business. If your website needs a thorough security and health check, we can help. Get in touch today to arrange a Magento audit. Together, we can make your ecommerce website stronger and more secure than ever before.

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