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Five must-have extensions for Magento

Five must-have extensions for Magento

Magento is already one of the most user friendly and functional ecommerce platforms on the planet, but there is always room for improvement! A great way to improve the functionality of your Magento site and enhance its user experience is to use extensions, also known as Magento modules. There are more than six thousand Magento extensions currently available and developers are constantly making new ones, which cover everything from SEO to shopping cart functionality. Want to know which Magento modules are must-haves? Take a look at our top five picks below.

Make it easy for customers to register with your website by using the Social Login extension for Magento.

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Social Login

As an ecommerce business owner, one of your main priorities should be trying to increase your sites conversion rate. This is the number of site visitors that convert into paying customers. A great way to increase your conversion rates is to allow for social logins. This is where individuals can use their existing social media accounts on websites like Facebook and Twitter to login to your website and make a purchase. 

The Social Login module will make installing this new feature on your site quick and easy. Using the Social Login extension will allow visitors to login to your website using a wide range of social media and email accounts such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and Yahoo. By preventing them from having to register, you will save users time and make the checkout process effortless, meaning they will be more likely to fulfill their purchase.

One Step Checkout

Whilst we are on the topic of checkout processes, we must mention our second must-have Magento module, One Step Checkout. This is an extension that is designed to cut the standard six page Magento checkout down to one single page. Streamlining the checkout process is an easy way to increase your conversion rate and lower the number of users abandoning their shopping carts at this stage.

The One Step Checkout module is one of the most popular Magento extensions on the market. As well as removing obstacles for customers and reducing the checkout process to one simple step, the module also allows Magento storeowners to capture additional information about their customers and offer up-sells on the checkout page.



Improve your Magento websites SEO using the SEO Suite Ultimate module.

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SEO Suite Ultimate

By now you should know the importance of SEO in relation to the success of your Magento ecommerce store. One of the best ways to boost your Magento stores SEO is to integrate it with the SEO Suite Ultimate. This Magento extension has been designed to bring you all the necessary SEO features to help you climb up the search rankings. Some of its main features include product URL keys, meta titles, fine tuning of canonical URLs and robots meta tags. You can also use the module to transform product tag URLs and RSS Feed URLS into search engine and user friendly URLS.

Live Chat

Whilst ecommerce stores have many advantages over traditional brick and mortar stores, something they lack is face-to-face customer service. If you are looking for a way to enhance your customer service and increase your sites conversion rate, you may want to consider installing the Live Chat module for Magento. This will allow shoppers to chat with one of your representatives whilst browsing your Magento store. If they have any questions about your products or need to raise a concern, they can simply do so, using the Live Chat feature.

By providing a way for customers to interact with you, without having to fill in lengthy forms or wait ages for an email reply, you will stand the best chance at them making a purchase from your website. Live Chat is a convenient and intuitive piece of software that will enhance users’ shopping experiences and increase your sales.


If you didn’t know already, unique, fresh and relevant website content is necessary to the success of your SEO strategy. One of the best ways to fill your website with new and engaging content is to set up a blog or news page. You can do this for your Magento website by installing the ‘Blog’ module. This extension is free to download and will provide you with a two-way communication platform that you can use to inform and interact with customers. 


So there we have our five must-have modules for Magento! As we mentioned before, there are thousands of Magento extensions to choose from that offer all sorts of benefits and functionality. However if for one reason or another you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to get in touch with one of our talented Magento developers, who will be more than happy to create a bespoke module for your ecommerce site.

Image credits: Sean MacEntee & Augur Marketing

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