Fluid Digital Have Launched a Shopify Ecommerce Service for Fast-Growing Retailers

Fluid Digital Have Launched a Shopify Ecommerce Service for Fast-Growing Retailers

We’re excited to announce that after 10 years of ecommerce experience, we have now launched a new Shopify ecommerce service for fast-growing retailers.


Shopify Partners


We are still a leading Magento agency in the UK, but we are now able to offer an alternative platform build where Magento does not meet the client’s requirements. This positions us as a true ecommerce growth agency.


Why Shopify?

Where Magento is not a good fit for a retailer, we need to be able to offer an alternative platform.

Shopify is an important player in ecommerce. With Magento 1 end-of-life approaching very soon, many retailers are exploring their options and we are having more discussions regarding Shopify than ever before.

We also have experience with Shopify and Shopify Plus clients across our PPC and Amazon Marketing services, with a strong foundation of Shopify insight and know-how.


Our Shopify Ecommerce Service

With our proven experience in ecommerce design and development, our Shopify team can offer an alternative platform build that fits our client’s ecommerce needs with a solution that’s right for them.

We are now able to offer:

  • New Shopify or Shopify Plus Design and Build
  • Magento 1 to Shopify or Shopify Plus Migration
  • Magento 2 to Shopify or Shopify Plus Migration
  • Bespoke Platforms to Shopify or Shopify Plus
  • Shopify or Shopify Plus Ecommerce Support

Whether clients are looking to migrate from another platform to Shopify or looking for an agency to support their Shopify site, we have an insightful and expert team that can work with them to grow their ecommerce brand on the Shopify platform.

Adam Hindle, Managing Director, comments: “Magento remains a key part of our agency but when it does not meet our clients’ requirements, Shopify is an excellent alternative with many advantages. For retailers that do not require a sophisticated level fo customisation but need a fast time to market, or lower development and maintenance costs, Shopify is a great option.

“We are excited to now be able to offer Shopify development as there are a lot of B2C brands that fit it well and would see sales growth by moving to the platform or upgrading their current Shopify site. We also see a lot of growth potential for Fluid in these markets so from a business growth perspective, it makes perfect sense.”


Shopify Partners

Fluid Digital are a Shopify Partner agency. If you’re wanting to find out more about which ecommerce platform will best suit your needs, get in touch.

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