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Fluid Launches In-House Ecommerce Store on Hyvä

Fluid Launches In-House Ecommerce Store on Hyvä

Company news – We’re excited to announce a very special project: the launch of our very own, fully-operational ecommerce website, Wolvende.

Wolvende sells premium office products and desk accessories, and was set up by by Fluid’s Managing Director Adam Hindle and Ecommerce Director Carl Walker.

It was created as a showpiece for us to demonstrate our expertise in launching and scaling an ecommerce retail business.

The site was developed using Hyvä, a brand-new Magento frontend. The business has used our in-house expertise in paid search, social and Amazon marketplace to raise brand awareness, drive traffic and sales.

Adam Hindle, Managing Director of Fluid, said, “Keeping up with the latest technologies is a top priority for Fluid and, as Hyvä will disrupt the industry in the years ahead, we decided to launch our own business using this frontend as an in-depth way to learn its strengths and capabilities.”

The experience of building and running the business has also given the team a greater understanding of an ecommerce business owner’s needs and challenges.

Hindle said, “The experience of setting up and running an ecommerce business – using our in-house teams to build the site, set up PPC ads and sell products on Amazon – has given us invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing business owners in 2023.”

Our development team are also working on two products to contribute to the Hyvä community, to make the frontend even better for all users.

“The knowledge that we’ve earned from Wolvende has made us stronger as an agency. We’ve been able to advance our technical learning, and gain a much better understanding of our clients’ perspectives,” Hindle added.

With plans to launch in the United States and expand the product range in the next two months, Wolvende’s premium office products and desk accessories are available now on their ecommerce store and Amazon.

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