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Getting to Grips with the New Google AdWords Experience

Getting to Grips with the New Google AdWords Experience

Google AdWords is changing to Google Ads at the end of July, but the platform refresh has already begun. In a recent shakeup, Google have finally retired the old AdWords platform, leaving users with just the new version.

With improved features, including a streamlined overview, responsive ads and effective audience manager, now is the time for businesses to embrace the updated platform or risk getting left behind.

Keep reading to find out about the new Google AdWords experience and some of the key components you should note down.

What are the benefits?

Diving straight in, we ask what are the benefits of the new experience?

Google hopes that with their recent changes, people and businesses will be able to create campaigns based on specific and unique goals. The aim is that over time you can get more done faster, gaining “actionable insights” with helpful tools and graphs.

Overall, it’ll be the same AdWords we all know and love, but just streamlined to get the most out the experience. And there’s no additional cost!

Exclusive features and helpful changes

So, what’s all the fuss about?

This new experience comes ahead of the big platform shake-up from Google AdWords to Google Ads. To create a more effective and quick system, Google have introduced exclusive features and made some changes to how AdWords works.

Here’s a brief introduction to some of the key features and alterations and why it could make your working life easier…

  • A new “overview page”

In the new interface, there’s a helpful overview page which allows you to quickly review your performance. This user-friendly approach gives you an insight into your whole account, including campaigns and ad groups.

You can also examine key metrics with summary and insight cards. These can be adjusted with a date range, depending on what information you want to gather.

  • Responsive ads

Another great feature is responsive ads, which will help manage your ads to fit the varying specifications. Responsive ads will do this by automatically transforming the size, the look and the format to fit the ad space. Clever, right?

The aim of these is to offer more flexibility with less input. This new experience will streamline the set-up, as well as promising to improve the performance of campaigns. Ultimately responsive ads will help you reach more people, whilst cutting down on time.

  • Audience manager

Within the new AdWords experience you can also manage your audience, by reviewing current audiences through metrics, tags and demographics. All this helps you to better understand your target audience and gives you a better idea on how to re-market certain campaigns.

  • Beware of name changes

Google have also made some slight name changes within the interface. For example, “Dimensions” tab reports are now “Predefined reports” and “Bid only” is now “Observations”.

These might seem like minor changes but can be confusing for any long-time users. That’s why it’s worth having a look around and getting to grips with the improved features.

  • Streamline shortcuts

Another noteworthy change is the new keyboard shortcuts. This obviously cuts down on time and effort, making the process a whole lot easier – when you get used to the shortcuts that is.

Admittedly this can be tricky at first. But once you get used to new changes you can use the new AdWords experience to your advantage.

Looking to the future

With a refreshed Google AdWords experience, businesses can truly get the most out the new system. Save time and get better results with less preparation. For a full overview of all the improved features, old and new, head over to Google Support.

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