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How Magento Is Helping Ecommerce Retailers during the Coronavirus Outbreak

How Magento Is Helping Ecommerce Retailers during the Coronavirus Outbreak

In the current climate, many retailers are either experiencing incredible ecommerce growth or are finding online retail challenging. Many retailers are seeing decreases in traffic and revenue, and are looking for ways to both weather the storm and position themselves so that they’re in a place to bounce back quickly once trading is ‘back to normal’.

Many technology partners, agencies and ecommerce professionals are doing their bit to help support the retail industry, whether this is sharing advice and insights or offering complimentary audits and services.

Earlier this week, Adobe (and Magento) announced a number of initiatives that support small to medium sized ecommerce businesses to help them “survive and thrive”. How is Magento helping ecommerce retailers during the coronavirus outbreak?

Three Months Free Magento Commerce

Retailers can now receive their first three months of Magento Commerce free, which will help many retailers get up and running quickly and start to drive revenue with no initial payments for the Magento platform.

This is also true for a Marketo Engage or Bizible contract.

Free Access to Magento University

Magento is also giving all retailers free access to Magento University for three months. Magento University (and Marketo University) is full of support and advice for retailers who are looking to take their digital operations to the next level, including resources across ecommerce, design, marketing and more.

Magento Commerce Launch Package

Whilst Magento recommends working with an agency or solution partner, they are also offering a fast track launch package with their Adobe Customer Solutions team.

The team will get you up and running within two weeks, with their cloud infrastructure, and you will have access to all of the out-of-the-box functionality that comes with Magento Commerce.

This is great for retailers with limited budgets who need to get up and running quickly. For those who are looking for a more bespoke setup, get in touch and we can explore your custom options with you.

Adobe Services

Adobe are also offering access to a number of Adobe services, including:

  • Acrobat PDF Services
  • Adobe Connect
  • Adobe Talent
  • Adobe Portfolio

Survive and Thrive with Expert Support

You can find out more about these initiatives on the Adobe announcement, but we have also interviewed Mo Nofal and Alex Goff as part of our Self-Isolation Insights series, where you can find out more.

Support for retailers is out there. Whether you need advice on Magento 1 end-of-life, or you need help with PPC strategy, we are happy to offer our expert insights. Get in touch and we can explore how we can help.

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