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How to Boost Home and Garden Ecommerce Sales with PPC

How to Boost Home and Garden Ecommerce Sales with PPC

The home and garden industry has seen recent significant growth and many retailers are looking for ways to maximise growth even further. 

Home and garden products lend themselves well to PPC efforts, whether this is across Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising or other channels. Some of these strategies are visual and showcase furniture products effectively, whilst some are detail-driven and efficiently advertise the specifications of home and garden products.

How can home and garden retailers boost their ecommerce sales with PPC strategies?

#1 – Detail-driven paid search

For home and garden products, customers tend to be specific with their search intent. Either they are searching for a specific colour to match their style, or they are looking for a specific dimension to fit their room. For example: ‘black leather sofa’ or ‘five shelf small bookcase’. 

This traffic can be easily driven to your site with granular search campaigns to target specific colours, sizes, styles etc. 

Other verticals don’t have this benefit and so this is one area where home and garden retailers have a growth advantage. 

#2 – Expanded Text Ads for more detail

Google introduced Expanded Text Ads in 2016 and now allows for retailers to add more detail into their paid search ads. This gives retailers more opportunity to showcase their messaging and engage with customers effectively.

This is key for home and garden retailers whose products tend to have multiple USPs – whether it’s the material, the history, the function, the color or style. Home and garden retailers can use paid search and Expanded Text Ads to showcase more detail quickly and effectively.

#3 – Responsive Search Ads for automation

Similarly, because of the tendency for home and garden retailers to have multiple elements to their product (size, colour, material etc.), Responsive Search Ads can be effective. 

With Responsive Search Ads, retailers have the ability to create up to 15 different headlines and 4 different description lines; throwing in a description character limit expansion from 80 to 90 for good measure.

Headlines and description lines are rotated automatically in order to show the most relevant variation to the initial search query.

This gives home and garden retailers the opportunity to showcase a specific detail in each ad, and let Google’s machine learning do the rest – showing the most effective message to customers.

#4 – Showcase Shopping Ads for more variety

Home and garden retailers can also take advantage of Showcase Shopping ads to really strategically drive traffic to their online store.

This format gives advertisers the ability to ‘showcase’ a number of products which may be relative to the user query.

This means that home and garden retailers aren’t tied to showcasing only one product for a search query. If you have multiple products that are relevant, for example others in a collection or others in a similar colour, then these can be promoted too. 

#5 – Use promotional extensions in your ads

Whether you want to promote a specific range, or you want to run a one-off or seasonal promotion, paid search can support your marketing efforts by boosting the visibility of your latest offers and sale events.

Promotion Extensions allow you to highlight your promotional event within your ads, providing more details about the offer on your search campaigns.

Your promotional strategy, with the support of paid search, can help to ensure you remain competitive within a crowded fashion market.

#6 – Remarket your products to non-buyers and customers

PPC strategies allow you to develop a strategy through all stages of the purchasing funnel, through various different ad types and audience lists, including a comprehensive remarketing strategy across Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook and Instagram.

This will ensure you can constantly reengage with new customers, site visitors and loyal shoppers, encouraging them to purchase frequently.

You can engage remarketing lists with video, responsive display, search and shopping ads at each touchpoint of their journey, providing an effective and engaging customer experience.

Home and garden retailers can use PPC effectively

Many retailers argue that PPC doesn’t work for them or that it is a waste of ad spend, but the truth is that their campaigns have not been managed effectively or they haven’t taken advantage of modern extensions and ad types to really maximise growth.

Home and garden retailers can benefit massively from PPC because of the flexibility of the ad types you can use. We work with many home and garden retailers including Moda Furnishings and OnlyHome.co.uk with great success.

If you’re interested in how we could help you maximise growth with PPC, then get in touch.

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