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How to Use Video Ads in Your Paid Social Strategy

How to Use Video Ads in Your Paid Social Strategy

It’s become super easy for brands to use video content in their marketing and advertising strategies – 91% of businesses used videos in their social media campaigns in 2023. But how effective they are is another story.

If done right, video ads can be easy to interact with, entertaining to consume, and quick to share.

Why use video ads in your paid social media strategy?

Here are some key stats to note from wyzowl:

  • 96% of video marketers say video marketing has increased user understanding of their product or service
  • 95% say video marketing has helped them increase brand awareness
  • 90% say video marketing has helped them generate leads
  • 87% say video marketing has helped them increase sales

From these stats alone, it’s clear to see that companies who use video adverts are seeing a positive impact in their results.

In this article, we outline some of the key trends that we are seeing and how you can apply them to your social strategy for 2024.

Matching Your Video to Your Channel

Each channel should have a different video style. For example, on TikTok, UGC content allows users to really showcase their creativity when they interact with a brand or for personal intentions.

Videos for Pinterests sway towards a more polished look as it’s a visual platform. High-quality, resolution and eye-catching visuals do really well here.

Pinterest video adverts

Meta (Facebook and Instagram), on the other hand leans more towards a polished side of videos. However UGC can do well here too for things like customer reviews or product demonstrations.

Note: it’s important to remember that social media marketing is a testing playground so what you think may work might not necessarily be the case. So test test test!

Types of Videos to Use in Your Paid Social Strategy

Video Of Product Demonstration

A demonstration is great for product-based companies. If you want people to invest in what you’re selling then they need to see it in action before making that purchase.

Videos are a great way to portray this as you can also outline some of the key benefits of the product.

Client Testimonials

Testimonials from clients are great for building your social proof and credibility. You can ask satisfied customers to send in a brief review of the product or service.

The benefit is that potential customers can feel at ease knowing that the service/product is of good value.

User-Generated Video Content

Videos created by users are a great way to promote your products or service to your audience. It’s a far more personal approach to sharing your brand.

Using these kinds of videos in your adverts will promote trust and authenticity, and encourage higher engagement from viewers.

The right kind of UGC can also initiate meaningful conversations between your audience members and create stronger relationships with them over time.

It’s great to have high-quality videos with great visuals but sometimes less is more.

Top Tips for Videos in your Social Media Strategy

1. Keep Them Short

10-30 seconds is a good enough time to showcase your product or service in a video advert.

However, because of the amount of noise going on, you should put enough information in the video that it entices users to click the ad and onto your site.

2. Get Creative

Be bold with your creatives, do something fun and engaging so it will increase the chances of them clicking. Sometimes people like the unexpected!

3. A/B Testing

It can be tempting to only create one or two videos for your adverts, but it’s important to test as many varieties as possible.

Famously, Steven Bartlett tests dozens of different thumbnails on Facebook before committing to putting advertising spend on YouTube.

By testing a variety of video ads – tweaking the copy, imagery or layout in each one – you can then see what type of content is resonating with your audience by comparing these metrics:

  • Video views
  • Click through rates
  • Engagement rate
  • Conversions

Once you’ve found a video that works well among your target audience, you can then increase your spend on that video or use it on multiple social media platforms.

Launch Your Paid Social Video Strategy

Video ads are definitely something every brand should invest into their strategy. Its value and reach is immense and done correctly, you can really skyrocket your brand and see great returns.

To find out how to launch your Paid Social video strategy, get in touch here with our Paid Social team.

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