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Introducing Google’s New & Improved Expanding Text Ads

Introducing Google’s New & Improved Expanding Text Ads

With Google’s search ads changing yet again, it might seem overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest tricks. But as a potentially huge source of traffic for ecommerce companies, it’s something that’s definitely worth your while.

This time, the dominant search engine has further enlarged their Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) with an extra headline and more room for description. Fortunately, we’re here to keep things simple. Read on as we discuss what you need to know about the new and improved ETAs…

Ongoing improvement from Google

It might seem like only yesterday that Google first introduced their ETAs. In fact, it’s been two years since they gave marketers 50% more ad space and the possibility to do so much more on their ads. By removing right-hand side ads, they were able to provide more space on ETAs with two 30-character headlines and an 80-character description across all platforms.

The result? Google reported a 20% increase in click-through-rates (CTR), on average, when users moved to the larger ads. There were also some stand-out performers like L’Oréal, who saw their CTR increase by a massive 92%, and EE whose CTR shot up by 79%.

With results like those, it’s only natural that Google has decided to go bigger…

Bigger and better ETAs

In their latest ETA update, Google has given users the option to add another 30-character headline, increased the description character limit to 90 and doubled the number of descriptions available. In total, that will almost double the size of your ads in terms of characters.

Already Google has suggested an average CTR increase, much like their last ETA enhancement. But, like their last changes, that won’t be the case for everyone. It can be difficult transitioning to larger ads and it’s never a good idea to add text for the sake of it. Here are some tips on how to transition and make the most out of the new, longer ETAs…

Don’t pause your old ads

There’s no need for a knee-jerk reaction. Your old ads will continue to run as normal, despite the options for additional headlines and descriptions. That said, the old ad format will put you at a disadvantage as your competitors start to utilise the extra space. So, it’s time to start preparing…

Instead, use them…

By keeping your old ads in place, you can use them to test and tweak the new larger ETAs. Monitor their performance alongside the existing ads, making small additions or changes until you can see a significant improvement in the CTR.

Ads may change

Another reason that it’s important to keep your old ads is that the new ETA additions might not always show. On smaller screens, where there isn’t enough space for larger ETAs, Google may display your ad without the third headline and second description. With that in mind, you should always make sure your ads work well with 2 headlines and 1 description

Stick to the basics

Additional headlines and descriptions doesn’t mean all other rules go out of the window. It’s still important to include the right keywords and call-to-action. And the PPC campaign will still be lacking if you don’t invest the time.

Get some assistance

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