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Introducing Google’s Showcase Shopping Video Function

Introducing Google’s Showcase Shopping Video Function

Google Ads is at it again – paving the way with new and exciting advertising features. Their Showcase Shopping Ads were only introduced last year, and they’re already adding more improvements.

Showcase Shopping was originally unique in that it offered advertisers the option to include multiple images and links within the same ad. Google is now upping its game and allowing users to include videos in their adverts.

Finding it hard to keep up with all the updates? No need to worry. This post looks at what you need to know about the new video function and how it can help advertisers.

A first for Google Ads

The new video function isn’t just a first for Showcase Shopping ads, but Google Ads as a whole. And it’s fair to say Google is confident in this feature’s ability to attract new customers.

Their research shows that, when looking for a new product, around two thirds of shoppers say that an online video has influenced their next purchase. Over 90% of these people say that they have discovered new products and brands on YouTube. So, the potential for attracting new customers is huge.

Videos have proven to be a highly persuasive form of content when it comes to shopping. Video adverts have worked for decades on TV, and this is no different. In fact, Showcase Shopping Ads can do the same while targeting a more tailored audience.

When watching TV, you’re exposed to a range of adverts for different products that you may not be interested in. With Showcase Shopping Ads, you can target specific keywords and phrases that potential customers are searching for. It’s then more likely that the right people are going to see your advert, at the right time.

Using Showcase Shopping ads

Google will display a Showcase Shopping Ad when someone searches for a more general term, such as ‘summer dresses’. The ad will then show relevant products, with images that users select to represent their brand. Once someone clicks on the ad, it expands to reveal the most relevant products to the search term.

The video, if you choose to upload one, will play in full at the top of the expanded ad. Advertisers can also choose text to appear on the page that represents their brand, or the product group being targeted. Existing Showcase Shopping users can update their ads to include a video depending on their preference.

The new ads system is also highly optimised to be used on mobile devices. When appearing on a mobile device, the ad takes up around 40% of the SERP (search engine results page).

Looking for proof?

While we, and Google, can rave about the update all day long, the proof is in the pudding.

According to a study carried out by Google, Showcase Shopping ads appear to be working well for users…

  • The top ad in the Showcase slot has been seen to drive 3.6x higher click-through rates (CTR) than average.
  • Showcase Shopping ads receive 20% more conversion clicks, with first-click attribution.
  • Advertisers feel these ads are particularly useful for acquiring new customers, according to their sales.

So, it works for a lot of marketers and businesses. But, will it work for you? With the right help and guidance, anyone can make Showcase Shopping ads work for them. And the benefits speak for themselves. Everyone wants more clicks and sales, right?

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