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Is TikTok the New Go-to Online Shopping Channel in the UK?

Is TikTok the New Go-to Online Shopping Channel in the UK?

Facebook and Instagram have now been surpassed by TikTok when it comes to online shopping. In some ways, this is no surprise. TikTok has been growing exponentially since its launch in 2017, with increased brand adoption as retailers found a different way to showcase value.

Comparing social media channels

A recent report from wyzowl shows that Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram are the most widely-used video marketing platforms.

However, if we delve further into how much time is spent by the average user per month in the UK on these social media apps, the numbers tell another story:

  • Facebook: 14h.42 mins per month
  • Instagram: 7h.42 mins per month
  • TikTok: 27h.18 mins per month

This data, from Data AI Intelligence, shows that on average, people spend 88% more time on TikTok per month than Facebook, and 266% more than on Instagram – that’s a staggering amount!

Not only that, but both Facebook and Instagram have shown a year-on-year decrease in average time spent per month:

  • Facebook, -5.2%
  • Instagram, -2.4%
  • TikTok, no change

Why is TikTok succeeding?

Viewers are swayed towards TikTok for its easily consumable content, whether it’s for research, entertainment or inspiration.

Throw paid advertising into the mix and you’ll find that people will be exposed to a lot of new brands based on the time they spend on the channel.

The TikTok audience

But is TikTok the right channel for you? As any decent digital marketing agency will tell you, you need to have a presence on the channels that your target audience uses.

And when it comes to who is spending most time on the video-scrolling app, we can see that Gen Z’s are the ones that are taking the lead – especially women.

Get ready to go viral

The hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt currently stands at over 48.6 billion views. This statistic alone should be reason enough to consider setting up shopping ads on TikTok.

However, if your target audience is younger, female viewers, then it you should consider making advertising on this channel a priority.

Before you get started, make you do your research first. Many businesses are already taking advantage of this information to optimise their marketing campaigns towards their consumers.

That means you must be strategic when launching your advertising campaign in order to have a chance of standing out.

Let us get you started

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