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Is Voice Technology Changing Consumer Behaviour?

Is Voice Technology Changing Consumer Behaviour?

Just as ecommerce businesses get to grips with mobile shopping, there are even bigger changes on the horizon, in the form of ‘conversational commerce’. Research suggests more than 2.7 million households in the UK currently own an Amazon Echo or Google Home device, which have the potential to change the way we shop online.

So, are we going to see an overhaul in consumer behaviour? And, if so, what does this mean for online retailers? Read on as we discuss the rise of voice assistant technology and how it could impact online retail.

The popularity of voice technology

With voice-enabled devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod we’re experiencing a fast-paced future of online consumption. This technology has also infiltrated other areas of everyday life both in work and at home – in cars, fridges and furniture.

More and more customers are opting into a voice assisted world. With research suggesting that 74% of owners use their device at least once a day, and 57% of participants using their voice assistant multiple times a day.

The effect on the consumer

As more consumers choose voice searches over text based questions, a wider effect on the consumer behaviour is emerging. People are using their devices to multitask in the home – playing music, asking for advice, weather updates and news alerts. Voice assistants allow people to get hands-free instantaneous answers and information. This means users can focus on cooking their dinner, while asking ‘Alexa’ to play some music.

Unlike a smartphone or a tablet, vocal queries are more casual and mimic conversation. And this has the potential to change what avenues consumers go down to find and compare products. Without screens or visuals, people will use different channels and interfaces to purchase their products. As a result, voice assistant users are subscribing to new websites and services – such as Amazon Prime.

How should retailers respond?

So, what does this mean for online retailers? Well, firstly, it changes how customers interact with your brand and your website. Consumers will want to do everything in one go, simply using their voice. That’s why retailers need to consider how strong their cross-platform presence is.

How do you reach your customers? And, how can this relate to voice technology? With a well structed ecommerce business, regular customers will maintain brand loyalty. Some retailers have already got ahead of the game – like Domino’s creating a ‘skill’ for Amazon Alexa to order pizza. This innovation changes how people interact with content and takes advantage of how people use voice devices at home.

Voice based requests also mean consumers will come to expect content that’s more conversational and simple to understand. Brands will have to monitor what customers are asking for and respond accordingly. This next generation of online shopping will continue to grow and thrive and its important that ecommerce businesses stay on top of this. This means understanding your target audiences and figuring out new voice behaviours to attract new customers.

Stay ahead of the curve

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