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Magento confirmed as the top ecommerce platform of 2014

Magento confirmed as the top ecommerce platform of 2014


According to a new study by aheadWorks, Magento Community Edition has been confirmed as the leading ecommerce platform for another year running. The study also found that ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento Enterprise Edition had also experienced a sharp growth.



Magento Community Edition continues to hold the title of the industry leading ecommerce platform, shortly followed by Prestashop and Magento Enterprise Edition in second and third place respectively.

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The ecommerce platform study

aheadWorks examined various different ecommerce platforms by pulling a list of the top one million sites from Alexa. They then used software to automatically detect the platforms of the sites. The most popular ecommerce platforms were then curated into a list of twenty and their market shares were calculated. 

The results of the study

The study confirmed that Magento Community Edition is still the leading e-commerce platform and has increased its share considerably over the last ten months. Magento Community Edition went from having a twenty nine per cent share of the market, to a thirty three point eight per cent share of the market.

There were also fantastic results for ecommerce platform Shopify, which according to the study is now the industry’s fastest growing platform. Over the same period, Shopify grew by a whopping one hundred and twenty four percent, taking fourth position in the industry.

More good news came for Magento, when it was announced that the Magento Enterprise Edition platform has moved from sixth position to third, experiencing a growth of forty eight per cent. Magento Enterprise Edition is slowly creeping up behind Prestashop, currently in second place and has a good chance of overtaking it in the near future.

What’s so great about Magento?

One of the best things about Magento is that it is extremely flexible, making it suitable for businesses both big and small. There are tailored packages to meet all needs, requirements and budgets. It is also very user friendly. Whilst you may still need to rope in a Magento developer to create a custom design for your ecommerce store or integrate your Magento modules, you should have little trouble uploading products and managing your orders using the platform.



Magento is one of the most user friendly ecommerce platforms on the market.

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The fact Magento is open source means that there is plenty of support to be found from users and developers around the world. Not only that, but because it is open source, it is constantly being updated and improved. Every day developers are creating new extensions to meet ecommerce businesses’ needs and requirements.

Magento is also SEO friendly, affordable and great for gathering customer data.With so many benefits, it is no wonder that the Magento Community Edition is currently the industry’s leading ecommerce platform.

What’s next for Magento?

According to various different sources, the Magento team is planning bigger and better things for Magento 2.0. Whilst the platform is already competing with many high end ecommerce platforms, the next generation of Magento will be significantly upgraded and able to scale up with transaction volumes in order to make it more beneficial to larger ecommerce websites. Magento 2 will also have more flexible software code, allowing developers to modify and make isolated changes.

Many web developers have been waiting years for Magento 2, but the latest news is that the Beta version will not be released until December this year.

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