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Magento Confirms GDPR Compliance

Magento Confirms GDPR Compliance

After all the build-up, GDPR is finally here and companies are confirming their compliance. Top of the list is the forward-thinking ecommerce platform, Magento. With an updated Privacy Policy and new software features, Magento are prepped and ready to go when it comes to complying with new regulations. Keep reading to find out more about these new, innovative updates.

What is GDPR?

Unless you’ve taken a break from the internet, you’re probably up-to-date with everything GDPR. But, if not, don’t worry – here is a helpful recap…

The General Data Protection Regulation came into place on 25th May 2018. The aim of the new EU directive is to provide individuals with rights over their personal information. Enhancing the world of data protection, these regulations bring data laws up-to-date with the digital world.

Essentially the regulation is putting customers in charge of the data companies collect. This means they have the right to know what information is collected and why – as well as being able to request for the information to be removed if they so wish.

Any business that handles personally identifiable information from anyone inside the EU needs to ensure they’re compliant with the new rules. Otherwise, they could risk fines up to €20 million or 4% of the firm’s global turnover.

Magento compliant with new laws

The question is – is Magento compliant? In short, yes – of course!

The intelligent systems at Magento were prepared for the GDPR as soon as it came into force, with several compliance initiatives covering sales, marketing, operations and product.

To confirm their overall commitment to the new regulations, they’ve published their Data Processing Agreement. This covers everything you need to know about cloud and on-premises Magento Commerce, as well as Magento Open Source.

With support teams prepped for all data rights requests, they realise that the process of GDPR will evolve and they plan to act accordingly.

Updates to keep in line with GDPR

So, what are these compliance updates?

As well as updating their Privacy Policy, Magento has also obtained a Privacy Shield certification. This is a European Commission-approved way for companies to transfer personal details from the EU and Switzerland to the US. To achieve this, Magento worked with the US Department of Commerce – showing their dedication to their growing global network of developers and merchants.

On top of this, Magento has also amended all existing forms of commercial agreement within their data processing agreement. This clearly sets out all their obligations around handling personal data.

To help companies out, they even provided data mapping software. This will allow you to pin-point where information is stored, making it easier to comply with new requirements.

And if that wasn’t enough, Magento have gone the extra mile by releasing their sub-processor list. This holds the details of the service providers they use. Full transparency and openness where Magento is concerned.

Making the most of Magento

So, what about your own Magento website? How do make sure you’re fully compliant with GDPR?

That’s where Fluid Digital come in. Working with Magento specialists means you get all the benefits of Magento, without the hassle. And, we are proud to call ourselves a Magento Solution Partner.

Putting your business and your website first, we keep up-to-date with new regulations and compliance software. As accredited partners, we’re privy to all new updates, including technical support, training and strategy. Working with the team at Fluid Digital, you can be certain you’re getting professional expert help. For an obligation-free quote, get in touch today.

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