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Magento’s Instant Purchase Reduces Order Time by 90%

Magento’s Instant Purchase Reduces Order Time by 90%

As technology develops, the world is becoming more and more concerned with time – and how long things take. High speed railways, faster internet connection and increasingly quick delivery times are all examples of how we want things as soon as possible in the modern world. Fitting with this pattern is customers’ desire for quick and easy ordering. So, how is Magento helping businesses cater for this now-essential requirement?

Introducing the one-click order

For those who haven’t heard of it, the one-click (or 1-click) order is Amazon’s checkout process which saves customer details for payment and shipping. Most customers are familiar with it, however, as Amazon have been offering it for quite some time. But why didn’t other retailers and platforms also use it?

In short, Amazon patented the idea. Around two decades ago, the US-based ecommerce giants protected the idea of an online checkout without having to enter details. Companies that wanted to use this process would have to pay Amazon a premium price for the licence.

In 1999, Amazon even filed a lawsuit against their rivals, Barnes & Noble. The online bookstore had attempted to work around the patent by adding in a second click in their “Express Lane” ordering process. Although the terms of the settlement remained confidential, Barnes & Noble were ordered to cease their use of the process while the lawsuit was ongoing.

1-Click ordering – with a twist

After what seemed like a century of waiting, Amazon’s patent on one-click ordering has finally expired. From September 2017, other developers and platforms can create and use their own one-click ordering processes. Or, at least in function. Amazon still owns the trademark for “1-Click”, so any alternatives will have to be named differently.

For Magento, the name of choice is Instant Purchase – which will be available as standard on the latest version of their flagship Magento Commerce platform. This actually makes them the first ecommerce leaders to offer the feature without any premium cost.

Using Braintree Vault to store payment information, Instant Purchase will do exactly what it says on the tin – providing customers with a way to make purchases instantly. Clicking “Instant Purchase” takes customers directly to the confirmation page, permitting they have already entered their details on a previous purchase.

Who would use Instant Purchase?

Quick and hassle-free ordering is a feature that will no-doubt appeal to everyone. Magento estimates that it reduces order time by more than 90% on average, meaning customers are now far closer to completing their order when browsing the site. Understandably this will give conversion rates a huge boost.

However, it’s a particular advantage for the growing number of mobile shoppers – making purchases on the go. So-called m-commerce has grown exponentially in the last few years, and now accounts for around a third of all online sales. But one of the problems with shopping on the go is when it comes to entering card details on the train, or typing long addresses using a tiny mobile keyboard.

It’s also a big helping hand for replenishment orders in some industries. Companies ordering stock for resale, or products for business use will usually use the same supplier again and again. When they have to continually re-enter the same details, however, this might change. Instant Purchase makes it easier for these kinds of customers, and helps suppliers keep their loyal customers on board.

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