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We are now Fluid Commerce!

We are now Fluid Commerce!

We are excited to announce that we have rebranded and to better reflect our expertise and our ethos, we are now Fluid Commerce.

The rebrand is something that the team has reflected on for a long time . We wanted a name that better reflected our more than 10-year specialism in ecommerce and retail.

The past year has been a worrying time for retailers. The resilience seen from those who have grasped ecommerce has been rewarding, and in many cases, those retailers have seen excellent ecommerce growth. 

The importance of ecommerce to retailers, at a time when the high street is struggling, is a debate that the ecommerce community has had for years but the coronavirus crisis has brought this into sharp focus for many retailers.

The timing is right for us to cement the Fluid brand with a name more befitting of an agency specialising in a growing, fast-paced and exciting market. Fluid Commerce delivers just that. 

The rebrand also coincides with the appointment of Rob Pimlott, our new ecommerce growth strategist, which has strengthened our strategy service for clients. Rob has significant retail experience and will be working with our existing and new clients to ensure they are making the most of the potential ecommerce offers them.

Our new name and position reflects our continued growth and change as an agency, following our £1 million revenue milestone earlier this year. 

If you have any questions about our rebrand then either get in touch with the Fluid team directly or send us an email at hello@fluid-commerce.co.uk.

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