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Why Is Magento So Popular?

Why Is Magento So Popular?

Ecommerce is big business. Over the years, a variety of ecommerce platforms have sprung up, all with their own benefits and drawbacks. For a business just getting started in the world of ecommerce, this huge choice of options can be daunting.

However, one ecommerce platform stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Magento is now the most searched-for ecommerce solution, with one in four online businesses choosing it to support their ecommerce needs. Worldwide, over 240,000 merchants use Magento software.

The question remains, why IS Magento so popular?

High Flexibility

Magento’s flexibility is without doubt one of its biggest advantages. The open source software allows for customisation and modification on an almost unlimited scale, with a variety of add-on modules and extensions available.

Integration with a number of payment gateways is easy, with payments accepted from around the world. If you’re not looking to go global just yet, the scalability of Magento means it can grow alongside your business.

Furthermore, the Magento control panel is simple to use, meaning that even those with limited technical knowledge can edit content and add products with ease.

Solution & Industry Partners

You’re never alone with Magento! As the platform has grown in popularity, so have a range of solution partners. There are now over 300 businesses who have specialist expertise in the platform, whilst community support is also available from developers around the world.

International Support

Multiple currencies and languages can be used with Magento. A list of countries is available for registration, purchase and shipping. Even if you don’t need all of these features now, you might in the future!

SEO Friendly

SEO functionality is built into Magento. Descriptions and tags can be added quickly, whilst clean URLs are a useful feature. Site navigation and sitemap support options also work well, taking the stress out of SEO, particularly for young businesses and start-ups.

Analytics Integration

Magento integrates easily with Google Analytics, providing an admin dashboard where reports can be viewed. A variety of reports can be generated including sales, stock and even tax reports, among others.

High Performance

In terms of page load speed and query processing times, Magento is generally one of the strongest performing ecommerce platforms. Maintaining a fast site speed is now essential, with delays of just a second or two contributing to lower conversions. Using a fast ecommerce solution is therefore becoming more and more important.

Mobile Potential

HTML5 capabilities have recently been incorporated into both the Community and Enterprise editions of Magento. This means an excellent mobile shopping experience is highly achievable when using Magento. With growth of mobile and tablet use getting stronger by the day, your online store can’t afford to provide a poor mobile experience.


So, there you have our comprehensive list of reasons why Magento is so popular. Whether you’re a small, independent retailer or a larger, established ecommerce business, Magento will fit into your plans seamlessly.

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