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Why We Like Magento – Benefits of Using the Best Little eCommerce Platform out there

Why We Like Magento – Benefits of Using the Best Little eCommerce Platform out there

We bang on about Magento (well, we hang a major part of our business on it), and thought we might touch on what exactly makes the ecommerce platform not only our favourite, but one that is now taking the largest market share among the top ecommerce websites in the UK.

It’s Flexible

Since Magento provides different service options for different needs, it is suitable for companies at every stage of the ecommerce journey and will grow alongside your business. Magento Enterprise Edition is a fully flexible, tailor made package for ecommerce power users, offering a range of tools to drive trade to your website.

The right ecommerce platform should provide a better customer experience as well as being easy for developers to install and maintain, helping your business to maximise profit. The power and flexibility of Magento make it the best choice for all types and sizes of ecommerce enterprise.

It’s Really Well Supported

Because Magento is open source, it is supported by development and innovation from users around the world. Interact with a pool of developers, creating and sharing extensions to meet every business need. However, Magento is owned by eBay, one of the largest and most successful ecommerce businesses in the world (along with amazon).

Magento is coded in PHP and runs on an Apache server, both of which are popular and reliable coding platforms. There is support for Firefox, Chrome, and the ever head-ache inducing Internet Explorer. Magento also offers a customised mobile experience, using responsive design to facilitate browsing and shopping from a tablet or smartphone—this is particularly attractive as the proportion of online purchases made on mobile platforms continues to rise.

It Gives Solid Data

Magento not only allows you to build up a picture of your customer base by providing a detailed record of journeys and transactions, but gives you the power to act on this information. With Magento, you can tailor promotions and product recommendations to the individual user, creating a personalised shopping experience. Integration with social media means users can easily leave feedback or show off their purchases.

Do you think Magento might be for you and your business? We can help you see if it would suit your ecommerce business, just give us a call on 0161 762 4920 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get in touch to chat through your requirements.

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