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Will Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Affect My e-Commerce Store?

Will Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Affect My e-Commerce Store?

On April 21st, Google plans to release a major update to its current search algorithm. The update will place an emphasis on ranking mobile-friendly websites higher in mobile search results. Essentially, this means websites that are mobile-responsive will jump up the rankings, leaving those sites that aren’t compatible behind. 

As the increase in mobile search continues to grow, Google have stated that their algorithms must adapt to complement this evolution. The new mobile-friendly algorithm aims to provide mobile users with the most relevant and timely results by taking into account both mobile-friendly websites and apps. Quite simply, they want to recommend the best mobile-user experience possible.

If you’re an online retailer, you’re probably wondering if Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm will affect your e-Commerce store?

The simple answer is yes.

If your store isn’t currently mobile-responsive, Google’s new search algorithm may lower your search ranking position. And if your store happens to be mobile-responsive, great news, you’ll be taking the position of those sites that aren’t – making you and your business more visible to your customers.

How mobile-friendly are you?

If you’re not sure whether your e-Commerce store is mobile-friendly, use Google’s nifty Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to find out.

What can I do to make your e-commerce store mobile-friendly?

By now you’ll know if Google’s mobile-friendly update on April 21st will affect your e-Commerce store. If your Mobile-Friendly Test returned red results stating your site is ‘not mobile-friendly’ – don’t worry, there’s still time to turn things around.

While the update is effective from 21st April, e-commerce store owners are free to make the necessary changes to their websites at any time. Whether you choose to do that now or a few months from down the line – it’s good to keep in mind that your competition will stand an advantage of getting ahead.

That’s why we advise taking quick action to ensure your e-Commerce store is one step ahead of Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm.

Responsive redesign

If you’re looking to make your e-Commerce store mobile-friendly, a responsive design is the best place to start. Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm is a wake-up call to all online businesses about the importance of responsive design. Something typically seen as a perk has now become an essential for all website design. A responsive design means your website will adapt to suit the user’s device. So whether they’re browsing your store on their laptop, tablet or mobile – they’ll always get the best user experience.

Can we help you?

Fluid Digital’s team of experienced responsive web design professionals will be able to help with the complete build of your responsive e-commerce store. Saving you time, money and your current search ranking position. If you’d like to book a free web design consultation at our Bury or Manchester office, give us a call on 0161-452-7146 to arrange a time and date to suit you.

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