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How Will Magento Shipping Help Your Ecommerce Business?

How Will Magento Shipping Help Your Ecommerce Business?

Magento’s Imagine 2017 conference took place in April. The theme: innovating for the future. One of the major developments was Magento Shipping, which is an exciting update for Magento store owners. It’s a new service for Magento Commerce, and aims to help ecommerce businesses distribute products to their customers. So how does it work and would it work for your ecommerce business?

The problem with shipping

If you manage an ecommerce store, you’ll be familiar with the term: Shopping Cart Abandonment. It’s an all too common problem. Customers select their products, fill up their baskets, and then abandon the order. They decide not to purchase the products and leave the site. Why? According to eMarketer, 86% of item abandonments are down to the cost of shipping.

For ecommerce companies, this means no sale in the short term and – more worryingly – the same problem reoccurring again and again. The rise of personalisation has tried to tackle the abandonment problem, making it possible to remind customers of items they were interested in. However, it still doesn’t remove the issue that put them off in the first place.

Magento Shipping, however, aims to put an end to that…

Is there a solution?

With access to leading carriers across the world, Magento Shipping will give merchants the solution to their shipping complications. Whether it’s regional or international, Magento Shipping aims to link ecommerce businesses with the best options for shipping worldwide. With quick and easier registration and activation, the service will streamline the shipping process on the merchant’s end.

“With Magento Shipping’s native carrier connections, we’re able to streamline shipping operations and reduce our shipping cost structure,” explains Coopers Brewery marketing manager, Scott Harris. “Built-in intelligence and conversion-enhancing features allow us to provide our customers the best possible experience in the shopping cart.”

A win-win from Magento

And for the customer? They will benefit from lower shipping costs and – again – a more streamlined service. Automated fulfillment means businesses no longer need to waste time arranging third-party shipping. They will be able to maintain consistent, efficient delivery times, meaning consumers get what they want and need quicker.

“Providing cost-effective shipping is one of the largest pain points for merchants of all sizes,” said Magento’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Growth, Mark Lenhard. “In addition to gaining easy access to global carriers, merchants will streamline shipping processes and capture greater visibility into the customer journey from cart to front door.”

Better shipping leads to loyalty

As well as customers and merchants, Magento Shipping will benefit carriers worldwide. They have an opportunity to get involved in a huge, fast-growing network of ecommerce, providing a constant stream of business, with a secure infrastructure and accurate billing.

With this optimised shipping service, merchants and customers will save both time and money. It will also eliminate a large proportion of shopping cart abandonment because the cheaper, more efficient shipping options can be made clear. But in the long term, it will create a noticeable trend of customer loyalty. When customers enjoy an ecommerce experience, they come back. Magento Shipping will make it possible for merchants to ship items on time, meaning customers are far more likely to return.

Bolster your business

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