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A new lease of life with B2B Adobe Commerce

Comtec, now Netceed, is one of the UK's leading suppliers of cables and cable accessories to both the carrier and enterprise markets.

With their ERP system coming to its end of life, they needed a new B2B website that would integrate with Sage X3, their new cloud ERP system.

What was the challenge?

Sage X3 would host all of Comtec’s product, customer and sales information. It was therefore essential that:

  • The ecommerce platform was strong enough to support Sage X3
  • Their APIs provided a rapid and smooth connection between Sage X3 and the ecommerce platform
  • The new site could handle over 10,000 products and hundreds of categories

What was the result?

“The Comtec B2B Magento website was a fascinating challenge for us and really tested the skills and knowledge of our development team. Ensuring that the site could handle so many products and making sure there was a seamless connectivity that worked with Sage X3 was crucial.

Supported by the new design, the website is now much easier to use for both customers and administrators.”

- Marcus Osborne, Senior Project Manager, Fluid Commerce


Our strategy


To begin with, we advised that B2B Adobe Commerce was the perfect platform for Comtec. This is due to the advanced flexibility, power and scalability of the platform.

As a tech-focused project, our strategy was to nail down the back end first before moving onto the front end. We outlined what would need to be called from Sage X3, and defined all of the required API connections.

Working closely with Comtec’s team, we then custom-built the API calls in the background. The APIs pulled in information such as:

  • Customer data
  • Company data
  • What levels the company or user is at
  • What level of access each user has e.g. orders, quotes and discounts


Included in our development work was key integrations with:

  • Sage X3
  • Klevu for AI-powered Search
  • Amasty for shipping & product attachments
  • Aheadworks for layered navigation, with custom work on multi-select filtering


Using the existing website as our template, our design team worked with Comtec to create a site that was:

  • Cleaner
  • More welcoming and personable
  • More User-friendly

We revamped the mega-menu, which was very large and unwieldy due to the number of products that they offer. 

We also created several blocks to display different variants of content so that the home page can be reconfigured differently whenever they like.

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