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Increase in conversion rate
Project stadistic result 111 %
Return on ad spend
Project stadistic result 534 %
Increase in online revenue
Project stadistic result 715 %
Cutting Edge Services

Who's the client?

Cutting Edge Services is a leading retailer of food processing equipment for the catering industry, selling a range of products from specialised knives to large slaughtering equipment.

The retailer had an established ecommerce site on the Magento platform, but approached us to manage their Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising strategy in order to maximise sales and increase online revenue.

Their objectives and targets

The primary objective for the retailer was to drive traffic to their Magento ecommerce site and increase sales and revenue. This was supported by a 500% target return on ad spend, which was key to making sure that the campaigns remained profitable and scalable.

The retailer also sits in a niche market with a target audience of decision makers in the catering industry. However, some products were also widely sought after by individuals with an interest in food and cooking. As a result, the campaigns needed to focus on the B2B customer, which was their ideal, profitable customer.

Cutting Edge Services
Business & Industrial Business & Industrial

The project

What we did

  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising

We completely overhauled their existing search and shopping campaigns and created a new campaign structure that was segmented by product. The existing account had no structure and was in need of a refresh in order to improve account health.

Keywords were also in need of improvement. Existing keywords were too broad and weren’t defined for their target audience. Negative keywords were under utilised and as a result, the campaigns were attracting a large amount of irrelevant traffic. We improved this in order to reduce wasted spend and improve conversion rates for the campaigns.

We also implemented a number of strategies so that the campaign focused on their profitable B2B market. We made sure that ad copy was B2B-focused, keywords were specific to the B2B industry and negative keywords eliminated typical B2C search terms.

As a result, the campaign experienced a significant uplift in relevant traffic, sales and revenue. We have continued to work with Cutting Edge Services on an ongoing basis in order to refine and optimise their campaigns.

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The Fluid team have used their PPC expertise and unique insight into B2B ecommerce in order to help us reach our ambitious ROAS targets and grow our business. The team are helpful and know their stuff and have been a fantastic ecommerce growth partner for our business.
Kevin Dunne
Head of Marketing - Cutting Edge Services

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