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The Client

Stone Technologies Ltd, A Converge Company (Stone Group) is one of the UK’s largest circular IT solution providers to educational, public and private organisations.

Before contacting Fluid, they had a brochure website that signposted customers to one of their sister companies to make a purchase. All sales and customer service was done manually by phone or email.

They came to Fluid for a website that would allow the public to buy products and access their services directly. Their goals were to:

  • Speed up the buying and selling process
  • Allow their catalogue to be viewed online
  • Reach more customers and boost sales

In addition, Stone Group had a list of requirements for the site and their custom-built ERP. They needed someone to help guide then on a CMS and ecommerce system.

Following a series of highly technical discovery sessions looking closely into APIs, we determined that B2B Adobe Commerce was the best solution for the business.

Why Adobe Commerce?

Integrated B2B Capabilities

Stone Group wanted Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento) for the integrated B2B capabilities it offers, including:

  • Create a purchase order
  • Build requisition lists
  • Request a quote and price negotiation
  • Account management with self-service portals
  • "Approval Workflows", ensuring that only certain users in an organisation have permission to place orders

Adobe Commerce automates and simplifies everything that their account and sales managers used to do manually.

Seamless ERP Connectivity

Adobe Commerce connects seamlessly with Stone Groups’ ERP system. Their internal ERP system, built by Stone Group, contains all of their products, orders, sales and customer information.

With more than 70,000 products, it was essential that their new B2B site connected smoothly with this system via API connections.

What we did

The new Stone Group B2B site was launched in 2022 on Adobe Commerce 2.4.2.


Once everything was documented, our back end developers built out all the APIs. We wrote the framework and created multiple custom tables in Adobe Commerce that would allow us to store and index the data being received.


Multiple front end developers also worked on the ambitious designs produced by IF Collective. These required a lot of technical work, breaking the norm of Magento Frontend design and functionality.


Throughout the build we continually tested the APIs on our side, working with Stone Groups in-house developers to test on their side to ensure it worked with their ERP system.

Client-specific portals

An exciting part of the project was creating client-specific portals. This allows customers to log into the website with a unique URL, and gain access to a custom set of products and prices.

This was done by utilising the databases in the back end, pulling everything together by the API. With multiple API calls on a page, depending on what the site gets back from their ERP will determine what is displayed on the page.


We integrated the site with key technology partners:

  • Klevu
  • Stripe
  • Paypal

As Stone Group has 10s of 1000s of products, the site needed a powerful system that could handle the volume, producing search results instantly. To enable this, the integration with Klevu, the AI-powered search solution, was extremely advanced.

We integrated Klevu’s search and category navigation modules, integrating a category page that was custom-built by Klevu using custom Java Scripts - one of the first of its kind.

Award Nominated

Our work for Stone Group was shortlisted for two awards:

It was great to work with a team who have a good knowledge and understanding of creating API integrations. Fluid’s team has dealt with and understood our system requirements perfectly considering it is a very complex solution with custom prices for each customer and other complexities
Maurice Suter
Head Of Business Transformation - Stone Group

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