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6 Steps to Create the Perfect Loyalty Programme for Magento Stores

6 Steps to Create the Perfect Loyalty Programme for Magento Stores

Guest blog from LoyaltyLion

If you want to achieve more success with your clients, then you need to give them a shopping experience that makes them feel special and rewards their loyalty. Enter a loyalty programme! More importantly, a programme that consistently generates revenue and fosters customer loyalty.

So, what can you do to launch a winning loyalty programme? Building one can be as simple or as complex as you desire. In this post, we’ll provide you with details and examples on:

  • Consistent branding
  • How to give it some heart
  • Sign up offers
  • Crystal clear benefits
  • Launch party
  • Being seen

Use these six steps to create the perfect loyalty programme for your Magento ecommerce store. Keep reading for more detail and examples from leading Magento loyalty programmes.

1. Consistent Branding

The style and features of your loyalty programme should reflect the goals and ethos of your brand. A consistent brand identity is both memorable and endearing.

Don’t rush the process. Come up with a programme that is authentic to your brand. This can be achieved through the name of your programme or points, and the overall look and feel of the programme.

The high-end skincare brand, Augustinus Bader, has a chic loyalty page that reflects the products they sell. They call their loyalty programme “The Club”, which is both simple and effective.

When you join “The Club”, you earn priority access to new launches and invites to exclusive events. The name and reward system is sophisticated and luxurious, which suits the nature of their skincare brand.

Bodybuilding Warehouse is another example of a company that maintains their brand identity through a loyalty programme. Their programme name, Protein Points, is consistent with the rest of the store. It speaks to the products they sell and their customer’s interests.

2. Give it Some Heart

The pandemic caused shopping habits to change around the world. With the in-store experience gone, more consumers turned to the online space to shop.

While online, consumers began to engage with emotionally-motivated campaigns such as “shop local” and “support small businesses”. Brands saw that emotionally connected customers spend more and used their loyalty programmes to create a reliable bond with members.

When you can demonstrate your brand’s values you can attract like-minded customers. 68% of customers say they’re motivated by knowing that a brand shares the same values as them. People want to be part of something that matters. This is your chance to be creative and use your personality to emotionally connect with your members.

3. An Irresistible Sign-up Offer

You have to hook potential members in early. Offer them an incentive to stay and engage with your loyalty programme. Customers won’t commit to joining your loyalty programme unless they have a good reason to.

There are a few tried and tested methods. In return for creating an account, offer them discount codes, free shipping, free products, money-off vouchers, or bonus points. 

This initial acquisition cost is a worthwhile investment. Loyalty programme members have a higher customer lifetime value than non-members. An enticing sign-up offer will kickstart a customer’s loyalty journey with your brand.  

Incentivised by rewards and tailored loyalty messages, this new-born customer will soon be telling everyone they know about your amazing brand experience and you’ll have a loyal advocate on your hands. 

4. Crystal Clear Benefits 

Don’t complicate your message. Create a loyalty programme that communicates the benefits of your programme with simple language. You’ll quickly lose customers if it’s not clear how many points you need to redeem a reward, or if the registration process is too complex. 

The German spice mix brand, Just Spices, provides a good example of how to keep people engaged with your loyalty programme through crystal clear benefits. 

The concise language and the three-point sign-up system makes it easy for customers to understand the programme. The design and language is clean and it clearly encourages customers to sign-up without obscuring the message with irrelevant information.

5. Launch Party

Make it an event. When you’re welcoming someone into your loyalty programme it should be an exciting experience for them. Here’s your opportunity to make them feel special.  

Social media is often the best place to advertise your new programme. Try sharing a series of posts that teach followers about your brand and your programme. You could also do paid posts to expand your reach. User-generated content is a fantastic way of attracting new customers and kickstarting interest. 

An extended launch that drip feeds details about the new programme into people’s inboxes and social feeds is a great way to pique people’s interests. It will also minimise the chances of customers missing a single email or post.

There are thousands of ways to create exciting content for your customers. Don’t be afraid to offer a user experience that is entirely unique to your brand. This is your chance to have some fun!

6. Be Seen

Now you need to start spreading the word. Don’t assume everybody already knows about your programme. Make sure customers can see what you’re offering. You can do this through on-site pop-ups and regular social media promotion. 

The footwear brand, Tower London used an on-site pop-up that advertises their programme to new visitors and encourages them to sign-up.

Alternatively, Rocky Mountain Oils uses social media sites like Instagram to make sure as many people as possible see what they’re offering. They’re a great example of how you can regularly promote your programme on social media so that new followers are made aware of it and encouraged to join.

Get Started

Your perfect loyalty programme may be just around the corner. Once you get it up and running, you’ll see how rewarding it is to create dependable relationships with your customer base.

Starting a loyalty programme can be a daunting task but with these six unmissable steps, you’ll create a programme that will consistently generate revenue and boost customer loyalty for your Magento store.

If you want to know more about setting up an ecommerce loyalty programme for your brand, book a conversation with one of our loyalty consultants.

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