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6 Ways Your Website is Throwing Mobile Traffic Away

6 Ways Your Website is Throwing Mobile Traffic Away

Mobile users dominate the internet in terms of traffic, but mobile ecommerce sales still fall short of desktop sales. So, how healthy are your mobile conversion rates? If your online store is struggling to attract and convert mobile shoppers, these common problems could be to blame:

1. Unresponsive design

Is your website designed with mobile shoppers in mind? If your site design isn’t responsive and mobile-friendly, mobile shoppers will struggle to locate the right buttons and convert.

2. Broken links

Are you sending shoppers on a wild goose chase? Always check that your store isn’t peppered with broken links. Most mobile shoppers will not stick around long enough to find an alternative route to the product they are interested in.

3. Poor design & layout

Mobile shoppers are experts at browsing. That doesn’t mean they want to spend their browsing time lost – far from it. If they layout of your website is confusing or misleading, you’re effectively placing a hurdle in front of shoppers. Most will not spend the time or effort necessary to get around it, so keep things simple. Ensure your layout is simple and easy to navigate.

4. No CTAs

What do you want your customers to do? Are you hoping for them to buy something, sign up to a newsletter, or download a copy of your latest brochure? Whatever conversion you’re hoping to drive, make it clear by placing clear CTA signals of every page.

5. Sluggish load times

Does your site take an age to load? This is a common problem amongst online stores. However, mobile shoppers want it NOW. Research by Google shows that 29% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another site if it doesn’t satisfy their needs (for example, they can’t find the information they were looking for or the site is too slow to load).

6. Text heavy

Mobile phone screens can only display so much content before they start to appear jam-packed. In a bid to cram as much information (and keywords) onto a page, many businesses make the mistake of believing that more content = a better user experience. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case. Blocky, heavy paragraphs can be overwhelming on the eye and send shoppers scrambling for the back button.

Convert more mobile customers in 2018

Want to covert more mobile customers next year? In order for any business to supercharge conversion rates and boost mobile traffic, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is an essential tool.

At Fluid Digital we know that your site could be achieving more. In addition to the areas mentioned above, our CRO experts know many more ways in which your site could be losing mobile traffic.

If you want to ensure that your site is running perfectly for your mobile shoppers, our comprehensive optimisation programmes are designed to do just that. Using a solid, data-led approach, we’ll ensure everything from your website layout to your images and PPC campaign are optimised for mobile traffic.

Our process

Need to redesign your website? We’re the best team for the job. Why? Ecommerce is our speciality and we go one step further than the competition.

Our thorough approach to ecommerce Design & Development and CRO strategy is a match made in heaven.

Health check: We begin by carrying out a health check to assess the state of your site. Using Google Analytics, we will be able to spot where and when you’re losing customers.

Research: We’ll dig deep into the data to better understand what is holding your site back. Knowledge is power, and we aim to arm ourselves with as much information as possible.

Planning: Only when we have identified key areas for improvement will we set about creating a data-led programme of testing.

A/B and multivariate testing: We’ll compare multiple versions of your website to find the best possible combination for your site.

Implementation: Our design and development team will spring into action, building your site according to our research and testing.

Boost Traffic with Fluid Digital

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