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How Celebrate Gifts Saw 201% Growth in Revenue from Amazon Advertising

How Celebrate Gifts Saw 201% Growth in Revenue from Amazon Advertising

Celebrate Gifts is a leading gifting retailer of chocolate, candle and wine bouquets, built on the Shopify platform. The retailer also sells through the Amazon marketplace, through their two brands, The Chocolate Bouquet Company and Cndle.

In 2019, Celebrate Gifts engaged us to grow their business on Amazon, with a specific focus on an effective paid advertising strategy. In only the first three months of working together, we achieved a 201% YoY increase in revenue from Amazon Advertising.

How did the brand experience such high growth on the world’s biggest marketplace?


#1 – An Amazon Brand Store

Amazon Brand Stores were created for their two brands to better showcase the product ranges as well as functioning as landing pages for Sponsored Brand Ads.


Celebrate Gifts Amazon Brand Store


We looked to user search behavior to inform the structure of the brand stores, in order to make it as intuitive as possible for customers. The home pages were used to feature the best sellers and new product launches, with category pages for each distinct product type, and sub-category pages for each brand of chocolate, such as Galaxy, Cadbury and Ferrero Rocher.


#2 – An Optimised Content Strategy

Titles were streamlined to be more readable, feature relevant product information, and include the most relevant keywords to the user. It was especially important to capture the user’s attention with the product title as on mobile devices, additional product details appear much further down the product page.

Backend keywords were missing in some cases, so keywords not already present elsewhere in the content were added per product. This allowed each product to be indexed on, and shown for a wider range of search queries.


Celebrate Gifts Product Description


Seasonally relevant terms were also added to the content when appropriate, such as ‘Halloween’ during October.


#3 – Amazon Advertising Strategy

Automatic Campaigns were used from launch to discover effective keywords and ASINs for manual targeting, alongside manually targeted campaigns based on historical conversion data.

Each product was uniquely relevant to vastly different search queries in its own right, meaning the only way to control this effectively was a single product campaign structure for Sponsored Product Ads. Over the course of the first three months, this grew to a total of over 500 campaigns.

Amazon’s Brand Analytics tool was used to discover the competitor products that were most often compared to the brand’s products, which were subsequently targeted with Sponsored Product Ads in order to win market share.

Comprehensive brand protection campaigns were created to provide complete coverage of every product the client sells, taking up as many ad placements on the detail page as possible with their own related products, rather than those of competitors.

Sponsored Brand Ads were then used to target a combination of brand, generic and competitor keywords per product type to gain visibility on high traffic search queries, drive additional sales and protect market share. We also commonly matched up the targeting with Sponsored Product Ads in order to dominate search result pages for the top performing keywords.


Success on the Marketplace

The brand has seen incredible success on the marketplace to date with a 201% increase in revenue from Amazon Advertising year-on-year. This is supported by a 65% increase in conversion rate and a 91% increase in overall online revenue. You can read the full case study here.

If you’re looking to explore how you can use Amazon Advertising as a strategy to grow your sales and boost revenues on the marketplace, then get in touch.

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