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How We Rebuilt Moda Furnishing’s Checkout to Improve Conversion Rate

How We Rebuilt Moda Furnishing’s Checkout to Improve Conversion Rate

Moda Furnishings is one of the leading rattan garden furniture retailers in the UK, selling their own luxury furniture through regional showrooms across the UK and through their Magento ecommerce store.

In 2014, the Moda Furnishings team approached us for a new Magento site to support their fast growth and we have worked with the site on an ongoing basis ever since. Post-launch, we have worked with their ecommerce team to support the site with version upgrades, bug fixes and change requests.

A key conversion project we helped support the team with was a rebuild of their checkout. The Moda Furnishings team worked with an external CRO agency to collect data on their conversion funnel and after a period of data collection from usability testing and A/B testing, they expressed a desire to redevelop the checkout for a more engaging customer experience.


The previous checkout

The previous one-page checkout experienced high checkout abandonment. This was likely due to a significant amount of information requested from the user (name and email, address, delivery, payment etc.) all at once. The challenges identified here were:

  • The steps and process for purchase were unclear
  • The checkout process was unengaging
  • There was too much information needed from the customer at once


The new checkout

We worked with their CRO agency who designed a new checkout, which we then developed and built for the site. We redeveloped the checkout with manageable sections that clearly displayed, in stages, all of the information needed from the user.

The new checkout has clearly numbered stages (personal details, billing information, delivery method, payment information).

The first stage is simply for personal details, with email address, name and mobile as required fields. The page also indicates how many steps are left in the process.

Moda Furnishings - Checkout Stage #1

The second section is for billing information, followed by delivery method. This is where customers can choose a delivery option, with a clear link for more information on non-standard delivery options.

Moda Furnishings - Checkout Stage #3

The last stage is for payment information, with clearly displayed options for shoppers.

Moda Furnishings - Checkout Stage #4

The team have seen great improvements in the user experience with their new 4-step checkout process which is now clearer, easier to navigate and more visually engaging.


Proactive ecommerce support

Read more about our work with Moda Furnishings which has covered a number of support projects and integrations, lead by proactive advice from our account managers and wider team.

If you’re looking to maximise your Magento site, our team can support your Magento site on an ongoing basis with proactive advice and recommendations alongside managed security upgrades and version updates.

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