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Magento 2.3 is GO: Introducing Multi-Source Inventory, PWA Studio & More

Magento 2.3 is GO: Introducing Multi-Source Inventory, PWA Studio & More

Jamie Foxx, Lead the Charge and the lights of Las Vegas – it’s fair to say Imagine 2018 was an event to remember back in April. Without a doubt one of the biggest announcements was the launch of Magento 2.3, which has finally arrived.

The latest version of the powerful platform is now live, providing merchants with all kinds of powerful tools to improve ecommerce for both their business and their customers. Read on as we explore what you can expect from Magento 2.3.

Ending the year on a high

2018 has been a busy year for Magento, with strong growth across the board, the arrival of GDPR and of course the Adobe acquisition back in May. What better way to cap off the year than with the launch of Magento 2.3? The ecommerce giants announced the release at the end of November, providing the perfect way for merchants to boost their business as we head into 2019.

Here are some of the best features…

Improving mobile

Around 1 in 5 online purchases are made from a mobile device, with a lot more users visiting mobile sites to research and compare products. Needless to say, it’s important for businesses to have a slick, seamless mobile experience to attract visitors and showcase their products.

To help with this, Magento offers Progressive Web Apps. These are web apps, which deliver an app-like experience to site visitors. So, users get the best experience without having to download an app, while businesses can provide that experience and reap the associated rewards without having to invest in app development.

While PWAs aren’t new to Magento, the latest release does feature a new PWA Studio. With tools to make it faster, easier and cheaper to build your own PWA experience, the PWA Studio will allow more merchants to succeed through mobile commerce, with a 50% boost in page performance and conversion rates.

Because of its open source background, the PWA studio will be updated independently from Magento releases. That means users can expect new features, themes and improvements in quality on a regular basis, with developers already working on a variety of PWAs.

Site design

Designing your site is one of the most fundamental features of an ecommerce platform. The experts at Magento have gone above and beyond in this regard, with an innovative new Page Builder on Magento 2.3.

Using a versatile grid system, you can position different elements on the page with maximum customisation. That includes a range of content types, from text and images to videos and even banners. Drag and drop functionality makes it easier than ever to move things around too.

Best of all, the new Page Builder is fully integrated with all the existing functionality. So, you can still incorporate all of your widgets and existing media to your design with the new tool. There’s even an instant preview feature which makes it easier to see the finished article before finalising your pages.

Storage and delivery

Magento 2.3 goes beyond site design and user experience. It also makes it easier to optimise your ecommerce operation as a whole. Multi-Source Inventory allows merchants to manage their inventory, from within their Magento admin across several locations, including:

  • Assigning products to different warehouses, third-party logistics suppliers or brick and mortar stores.
  • Tracking stock levels at fulfilment sources to manage inventory with ease.
  • Prioritising which inventory sources are used to fulfil orders for each website.
  • Integrating with other third-party inventory systems.

Make the most of Magento 2.3

If you want to add all the powerful features of Magento 2.3 to your ecommerce store, Fluid Digital can help. We’re a team of Magento-certified web developers and designers, ready to help you make the most of your ecommerce site. Think more traffic, better conversion rates and a noticeable improvement to your bottom line.

Sound good? Get in touch today to discuss your project in more depth.

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