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Meet Magento UK 2019: Updates from the Magento Community

Meet Magento UK 2019: Updates from the Magento Community

We joined the Magento community last week down in London at Meet Magento UK and came back with inspiration and insight that we couldn’t wait to share with clients and partners.



Jamie Huskisson, organiser of the event, kicked us off with an introduction into the Magento landscape and the purpose of the event itself.

Addressing challenges with migrations from Magento 1 to Magento 2, and the recent Adobe acquisition of Magento, Jamie reiterated the need for a UK-based event that brought together the Magento community to learn and share ideas.

Ecommerce is growing but Magento has an open and healthy ecosystem that puts us all in a fantastic position to help retailers achieve ecommerce success.


Opening Keynote from Ramadass Prabhakar

Ramadass Prabhakar, Senior Director of Technology at Magento, then launched the event with his opening keynote, covering Magento products and the future roadmap.

Ramadass reinforced the opening statements that ecommerce is growing, with online being the preferred channel for high value purchases (with real estate even bought on Instagram).

Whilst this isn’t hugely new for ecommerce professionals, it underpins the key updates from the platform. Ramadass covered some of the latest Magento news, accelerating their roadmap for superior shopping experiences, omnichannel innovation and ecommerce intelligence:

#1 – Adobe Commerce Cloud

The latest release of a cloud offering with Magento products is interesting, as the platform begins to directly address retailer concerns over moving to Shopify Plus and other cloud-based ecommerce platforms.

#2 – PageBuilder

Last year’s release of PageBuilder allows retailers to rapidly create content and allows for 10x faster content creation. This gives ecommerce teams the freedom to update and customise content without code or a reliance on development time.

#3 – B2B Module Enhancements

With our specialism in the B2B market, we were keen to hear more of Magento’s plans for B2B retailers, including B2B buyer workflows, reference PWA B2B storefronts, B2B data import, and merchant admin improvements.

#4 – PWA Studio

The Magento PWA Studio is a set of tools to allow for PWA storefronts (on top of Magento 2) and gives us the tools for development, deployment and maintenance.

#5 – Channel Expansion

We were also keen to hear more plans for channel expansion for our multichannel clients selling across online marketplaces. With Amazon, Google Shopping, Instagram, Facebook Marketplaces and more, it looks like Magento is set up for high ecommerce growth across channels.


Talks across Research, Multichannel, AI & More

The team also attended a number of talks and seminars, with topics across performance optimisation, agency relationship management, mobile optimisation and machine learning.

We recommend reaching out to the speakers here to find out more on their individual talks or ask the Fluid team for more insight – we couldn’t share every one in this post but we’d be keen to share the knowledge we discovered from key speakers Andy Mulcahy, Dan Coleman, Rob Long, Kam Chovet, John Baxendale, Jonathan Roeder and more.


Closing Keynote from Phillip Jackson

Phillip Jackson, Ecommerce Evangelist at Something Digital, closed the conference with a closing keynote on communities and culture. Phillip brought energy to a long day and inspired the room with his journey in ecommerce and personal challenges in building communities within Magento, sharing stories from his podcasts and events.

We’re excited to see the future of Meet Magento UK and go along again next year to meet with friends, partners and retailers once again!

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