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PWA Launched for Lakeland Leather

PWA Launched for Lakeland Leather

Introducing: the new Progressive Web App for Lakeland Leather.

Built using PWA Studio from Adobe Commerce, the new website for Lakeland Leather is faster and slicker than ever before.

With a huge 2.5 second reduction in page speed, the site is fully optimised to enhance the user experience and drive transactions.

The Lakeland Leather PWA includes:

  • Mobile-first design
  • A fast and slick shopping experience for the customer
  • Custom integrations with Nosto, Klevu and Klarna
  • Instant installation on mobile
  • Easy and simple site development using React JavaScript library

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What are PWAs all about?

Progressive Web Apps use the latest in ecommerce technology. Built on headless commerce, the website-app hybrid offers instant loading time. Online shoppers don’t have to wait for images, videos or copy to load any more, meaning a smoother and faster user experience and huge reduction in bounce rates.

What’s more, the rapidity of the site means a super-fast shopping basket and super-fast payments process – all the better to boost conversions.

Using React JavaScript from Facebook (also used by Netflix, BBC and Uber Eats) and involving minimal cache, PWA from Adobe Commerce is a web developer’s dream. You can make changes to your site as quickly as you can think them up.

Find out more why you should upgrade to a PWA here

Don’t get left behind

If you are striving to offer ecommerce excellence, then a PWA from Adobe Commerce is the very best solution. The future of ecommerce is now – don’t get left behind.

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