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PWA – Progressive Web Apps

A faster, smoother, mobile-first ecommerce experience

Transform your ecommerce business with Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. Unlock a smooth and ultra-fast shopping experience that increases customer engagement and drives sales.

With a mobile-first approach, PWAs deliver an app-like experience with the capabilities and flexibilities of a website. Combine the accessibility and speed of a PWA with Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento, and discover an unrivalled ecommerce platform.

Find out how the Fluid Commerce PWA development agency, a multi-accredited Magento 2 company, will accelerate your ecommerce growth.

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Ecommerce Revolution

A PWA from Adobe Commerce revolutionises a brand's ecommerce website into a solution that is super speedy, slick and smooth for shoppers to use.

A PWA will help you:

  • Increase customer loyalty and engagement
  • Drive sales and revenue
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Reduce bounce rates

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“We’re very pleased with the high standard of work that Fluid has been able to achieve for us. Their efficient manner and fantastic communication throughout this project made it seem like an easy decision when choosing them as our partner in taking our Adobe Commerce store up a notch.” - Arnold Bertasius, Marketing Director, Daily Furniture

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Experts in PWAs

To stand out in a mobile-first world, ecommerce brands must deliver a fast and convenient mobile shopping experience. Adobe Commerce PWAs, powered by Magento, deliver a fast-loading, high-performance platform that is proven to smooth out the user journey and generate higher returns.

Develop your progessive web app with Fluid Commerce using the Adobe Commerce PWA Studio and get:

  • Bespoke PWA development
  • Full PWA setup & implementation
  • Expansive back-end Adobe Commerce technology suite
  • Transparent scope, timeline & costs
  • A world-class team of certified Magento developers
  • Seamless integrations with world-leading technology partners
  • Industry-insider insight
  • Continued PWA support, maintenance and ecommerce consultancy
  • Over a decade of B2B, B2B and D2C experience
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For the Customer

  • Easy user installation Users can quickly and easily add the web app to their home screen. Installation is faster and takes up less device space than a traditional app
  • Smoother UX The user experience is fast, smooth - with no stuttered scrolling, delayed loading times, or slow-to-respond elements
  • Offline shopping A PWA site will work anywhere, anytime - even when your customer’s device is offline

For Your Business

  • Engage shoppers Merchants can use their PWA to encourage customer engagement and loyalty through push notifications, offline functionality and an easy-to-install app
  • Headless architecture With a frontend decoupled from the back end, you can experiment, test and deploy UX changes quickly and easily. The architecture is simple and intuitive to use for all administrators
  • Low maintenance With a PWA, you don’t need an app and a website for your business. This mean less maintenance time and reduced costs
  • Reach more customers PWAs can be crawled by search engines and they can be linked to. A fast-loading site is rated favourably by Google, making PWAs SEO-friendly and highly discoverable via organic or paid search

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