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UX / UI Design

Design fit for purpose with UX and UI analysis

Want an Adobe Commerce website that communicates your brand personality, showcases your products and improves conversion rate, order value and basket size? Then get in touch with the Fluid Commerce UX/UI team.

We specialise in delivering engaging designs that are optimised to deliver a superior shopping experience for your customers. Put the power of your Magento 2 website to good use with a UX/UI design tailored to your business goals.

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Why UX / UI Design?

  • UX / UI Discovery The project will kick off with a discovery meeting to understand your customers, your brand and your key objectives
  • Conversion optimised site A well-designed site will be conversion ready and will use best practices across UX and UI to drive sales and boost revenue
  • Brand personality A design can fully communicate your brand values and brand personality, enhancing your store with your brand story.
  • Analytics review We will review your current site performance to identify issues and areas of improvement in your new design.
  • Personas and customer groups We will create customer profiles to best inform design concepts, ensuring any designs are fit for your customer groups
  • Competitor analysis We will also review competitors and similar brands to fully understand your vertical and find inspiration and insight from other designs
  • Magento experts We are a team of leading ecommerce experts with Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento) partner status, and know the platform inside out.
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Your UX / UI Design Project

A typical design project will have six key stages:

  1. Design discovery
  2. Wireframe build
  3. Design concepts
  4. Design production
  5. Design handover
  6. Quality check

After your design discovery to scope out your needs and objectives and fully understand your brand, we will work on creating wireframes. This will give you an idea of the layout and functionality of your site.

Once approved, the design team will develop UI style options and use the content and structure from the wireframes created previously. You will choose one of the options and give feedback that progresses toward approval. The purpose of the design concepts is to give you autonomy over the direction of the UI.

Once a concept is signed off, we will begin the design production stage where we will deliver the final designs for your new site. We will present this in the handover stage for final feedback and signoff.

When the front end development is close to completion, we will schedule two rounds of design QA checks where the designer will check the full demo site against the UI design and requirements.

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UX / UI Design Project Timeline
UX / UI Design Project Timeline
UX / UI Design Project Timeline

Chlobo Results

The ChloBo team recognised the need to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 before the end-of-life deadline and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to redesign and refresh their site to match their new branding.
Increase in revenue
Project stadistic result 99.5 %
Increase in orders
Project stadistic result 92.8 %
Increase in sessions
Project stadistic result 88.6 %

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